i have to questions i need the the answer as discussion.

1. Between these 3 chapters, there were many short myths of gods and goddesses (Hermes, Apollo, Artemis, Athena etc). Which one did you find to be the most striking/interesting/enjoyable/ disturbing? What about it made it stand out to you? What did you learn from it? Is it different from what you may have thought you already knew about that god/goddess? How so?

2. Compare the story you chose from a myth in a different chapter (keeping within the 3 chapters assigned this week). Does it remind you (whether it be the characters, the plotlines, or events) in any way to any other myth that you have read this week? How? Discuss how the two are similar and how they are different.  (Ex: if you choose one of the myths of Apollo, compare it to another myth in chapter 8 or 9).

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i have to questions i need the the answer as discussion.
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**Again, include the page numbers where you found your information.  Use supporting evidence from our book to back up your response to questions. Be sure to be clear with the myth you have chosen for part 1 of this question. You then need to be clear on what myth you are comparing it to in part 2 of the discussion assignment.

the name of the bookclassical myth 8th edition by Barry B powell

you most read chepter 7 to 9

read the qustions carefully

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