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Humanities : Writing
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Humanities : Writing

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APA (edition "APA 6")Paper instructions:-post four sources that you consider possible sources for your research project. At least two of theseshould be scholarly journal articles.For each source, please post your answers to the following:-Provide an APA-style reference citation for the source. Remember that you can use CiteFast if youwish.-What type of document is the source (journal article, news article, government document, etc.), andhow can you tell?-When considering the usefulness of this source for your research project, what positive and/or negativefeatures can you identify? Factors you may wish to consider include focus, credibility, detail, andaudience.-Optional question: Feel free to comment on what search strategies you employed to find your sources.-View the classmates answer and answer this question based on the information classmate provided.Would you consider all of the sources to be credible if you encountered them in a research paper?Would you give more weight to one over another? Why or why not?

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