human resources manager

In your role as the new human resources manager for Human Solutions Software (HSS), you have been

talking informally to many of the employees at HSS. There are several issues that have come up in your discussions.

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human resources manager
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When HSS first started more than two years ago, the hiring practices were haphazard. The main method of recruiting new employees was to ask current HSS employees if they knew anyone who had the qualifications that HSS needed. It was common practice to hire family members and friends of established employees. Those practices are still being used today and have been institutionalized by providing bonuses to employees who refer people to apply for positions at the organization, who are eventually hired. In some cases, jobs appear to have been created to fit with the qualifications of people whom some of the founders wanted to hire.

You have also been struck by the demographic characteristics of the employees. There are roughly an equal number of men and women working for HSS, but men fill most of the higher-level positions. Two of the founders are women, but there is a great deal of tension between these two women and the other three founders. This tension seems to be based on the two women wanting to set up a corporate structure that the men see as taking power from the founders. It seems that the new HR department is one of the changes that is in contention.

There is also a lack of minority employees. The two African American and three Hispanic employees are working in lower-level positions.Quick Scenario 1

You have just had a discussion with the attorney to whom the company pays a retainer for occasional legal advice. When you asked him some HR questions dealing with the FLSA and with the ADA, he told you that he did not know much about these laws. His major field, and his major function for HSS, is dealing with corporate and government contracts; but he can research HR-related issues if you want him to. This is disturbing to you because you were hoping to rely on this attorney for legal advice in dealing with HR issues. The founders have wanted to hold down legal costs, but you feel a need to occasionally hire an attorney who has expertise in HR.

Quick Scenario 2

One of the founders has come to you, concerned because he has just been notified that HSS needs to file an EEO-1 form or they might lose federal government contracts. He wants you to do some research. He particularly wants to know if HSS, with only 65 employees and several million dollars worth of government contracts, is required to file the EEO-1 report and what the consequences of filing this report are. You may want to start your research at

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