Human Resource Development Plan

PLEASE REACH OUT ASAP WITH ANY QUESTIONSAssignment Overview:Create an employee development proposal for new managers managing sales teams within the organisation. The development proposal should look to create a framework in which newly promoted or hired sales managers can be given the tools to succeed as a manager within the organisation (looking at a management skill set rather than functionally as a sales professional). These managers will be managing sales teams of between 4-10 people.The company to reference is a privately owned Australian homewares distribution company, H.A.G. Import, which employees 90 staff across Australia ( the company profile located in file “HAG-Profile”).Assignment Objectives:To apply knowledge of the important organisational development concepts and demonstrate this knowledge in the assignment through the design of a feasible and conceptually informed model.To apply knowledge of unit material in a real-world context by linking relevant concepts to real world examples- These examples can be made up for the purpose of demonstrating the learning goals.To learn to consistently integrate links (references/citations) of relevant unit material in a way that supports points 1 and 2 above. A failure to consistently cite unit material and readings will incur considerable penalties to the overall grade- Please ensure to cite all sources through out as I have had to return papers for not having citations included.Using all the relevant resources in your readings and textbook, plan, design, and show how you would evaluate an original training or Human Resource Development (HRD) program/ intervention that you might use in your organisation or in an organisation you are very familiar with (Sadler-Smith, 2021, Chapter 10, 11 & 12) – is essential and 8 to 10 other academic sources- I have included all referenced materials in the files, please ensure these are used and cited.Materials:I have included the course material (such as supplementarity readings and lecture slides) relevant to the assignment, please ensure to reference the frameworks and concepts included in the course material. Additionally, I have included an example of a past students development proposal (MM333 – Employee Development Proposal- Z Murphy). Finally, you will find the format for the proposal uploaded in the file “Assignment 2_WORKBOOK”.Assignment format (and all must be linked to relevant unit material):Title and brief description of the program: This should give the reader a well-articulated and concise overview of the proposal.Program objectives and rationale: a well-articulated needs analysis is required – see the learning needs fact sheet in ‘Assignment 2 Resources’. You need to identify at what level the needs analysis is conducted and who are the relevant stakeholders involved. The IPO model of a Learning System may assist here (Figure 10.8), although it is linear. You will note that Assignment 1 analysed external inputs, you may find the need comes from an internal gap. You need to articulate how the program will benefit the target stakeholder(s) and the organisation.The learning and development solution: The Training methods (design) or HRD practices to be used (see Figure 10.6 OD interventions) and a rationale (justification) based on HRD theory. You will need to research for creative and agile ways to ensure your design aligns with the program objectives. Chapter 11 gives some insight into Hybrid HRD. (Do not worry about theories of learning in the ADDIE model here, this is covered later in the Module). Develop the solution using relevant knowledge/skill, implementation infrastructure and learning methods.Implementation: The process by which the intervention will be delivered. This will require training materials which examples or list (may be included in the appendices).An evaluation plan: (including both short-term and long-term evaluation, where appropriate). Chapter 12 of the textbook and the Werner DeSimone Resource will assist here.

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Human Resource Development Plan
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