How to Write an Autobiographical Essay

My name is Student Name. and I was born in Flowood, Ms on August 6, 1989.  My father graduated from Mississippi state university with a degree in engineering and my mother, graduated from Louisiana State University with a journalism degree.  My parents have both always worked hard and sacrificed much to provide me with a good education.  I have one brother, Harrison, who is two years younger than I am.  My family is an average hard-working upper middle-class family.  I grew up in a nice neighborhood in a new 1500 square foot home my parent’s built in Pearl, MS until I was 13. When I was 13 years old we moved to a larger house in another neighborhood in Madison, MS.

  Growing up I played football and baseball for a couple of years but soccer was my sport.  I started paying it when I was 4 and played all the way until I was a junior in high school.  I also deer hunted with my dad at our family camp in Salisbury. We also fished whenever we went to the beach.  I grew up vacationing with all my family in orange beach, Al and Perdido Key, FL.  My parents loved to travel and they took us on fabulous trips every summer.  My three favorites were Denver, Colorado, an Alaskan cruise, and Hawaii. 

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How to Write an Autobiographical Essay
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  I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder when I was in fifth grade.  I tried several different medications but I did not like the way any of them made me feel so l chose to cope with my ADD without medication.  I am very bright but did not apply myself in school and did the bare minimum to get by.  So my grades were always just average. I know if I had applied myself I could have been valedictorian of my class!  I graduated from Jackson Academy in 2012.  When I was also accepted to the University of Mississippi.  I moved to Stockard dorm in Oxford in August of 2012 and began my freshman year of college.  I went through Fraternity rush and pledged KA and met so many amazing new friends from all over the country.  For two years I took general business classes and was not quite sure exactly what I wanted to study.  In April 2014 I was in a bad automobile accident and ended up coming back to Jackson, MS in an ambulance.  The car I was in flipped and I was ejected from the car. I required surgery on my arm that only a trauma specialist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center could perform.  Because of this I had to withdraw from Ole Miss and move back home to Jackson to live with my parents.  I never went back to Ole Miss, but that was God’s plan the whole time I believe because he eventually landed me at Belhaven.

  Before getting back in college I went to work.  I started at Angelo’s restaurant, then worked for Fresh Cut floral & Catering, then to Hops & Habanas. So many different and unique skills were learned during this working time period. I quickly learned that I could not support myself permanently being an hourly employee. That and finding the girl of my dreams, Sue Johnson, drove me back to school to finish my degree. I applied and was accepted into Belhaven University.  I live at home while I continue to work at Hops and Habanas and stay in school.


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