How the Uniforms Give Special Attraction to the Others.

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The onus of a uniform is to impart a certain character to a normal human being and it varies between the two sexes. In males, the uniforms are made to make them look more dominating, suave and exude masculinity. Military uniforms specifically aim at imparting the best possible outlook to the wearer so as to appear as the ultimate epitome of a fighter par excellence. The person who wears the military uniform also gains a psychological edge from the common man and it instills a sense of belonging and duty in him or her.

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How the Uniforms Give Special Attraction to the Others.
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Even females who are inducted into the army wear such uniforms that blatantly mask their feminine character. A military uniform makes a person look more aggressive, a combat professional and a person bound in certain rules and regulations attached to the particular wing of the military he or she depicts. In females, the uniforms are made to make them look attractive in whatever profession they belong to with the exception of the security, military and police professions. The uniforms of waitresses, nurses, air hostesses, secretaries, front office assistants and receptionists are designed painstakingly to make them look immaculate and pertinent to the profession they are depicting.

The use of uniforms in schools has been a debatable issue for a long time. Certain countries adhere to the concept of uniforms and others don’t. Countries that had been under the influence of colonial rule have carried over the legacy of the British rulers and are very strict as far as uniform codes are concerned. The European pattern of boys in shirts and knickers and girls in skirts is being followed in most of these countries with an added adornment of the school logo, a necktie or cravat with different styles of shoes for both sexes.

Other countries find the practice too restrictive and allow freedom in the dress code to inculcate a sense of freedom and liberty in young children.

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