How the Information is Processed in the Mind.

I will pay for the following article How the Information is Processed in the Mind. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In studying how the information is processed in the mind, neuropsychological studies have been employed to show this. The approach on movement when visual information is displayed has been applied to make this study more practical and clear. Another way is using figures and images embedded in noise elements. The response is observed and by this, conclusions will be drawn on what and how the response is affected. Eriksen and Eriksen (1974) in their study established that the response of neutral flankers that were physically similar to incongruent flankers caused a slower response than neutral flankers, which were physically similar to congruent flankers (Eriksen & Eriksen, 1974).

Moreover, flankers which were congruent and identical to the target yield faster reaction times than flankers which were congruent but not identical (Eriksen & Schultz, 1979). These studies by Eriksen and Schultz show clearly that congruency does affect the reaction rate in response time. It also showed that similarity with the target increases the reaction rate while those not similar to the target increases the latency. These experiments performed before have clearly shown that irrelevant stimuli are processed throughout the sensorimotor system which explains these responses (Eriksen & Eriksen, 1974).

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How the Information is Processed in the Mind.
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The experiment is based on Eriksen’s Effects of Noise Letters experiment where he used a target letter at the middle and four noise letters (Eriksen & Eriksen, 1974). But for this experiment instead of using letters as it was for Eriksen, it uses five arrows with the target arrow in the middle. The participants will be asked to identify and respond to the direction they see the target arrow faces. The time taken for the participants to respond to this will also be measure in order to establish the speed of reaction.&nbsp.

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