How does the use of the “unlikely hero” archetype help prove a main theme in the story? I know why

For this assignment, you will compose a literary analysis essay that proves that I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is actually a variation of the traditional quest and hero. You will compose a 3-paragraph literary analysis essay(including a thesis statement and concluding sentence) responding to the following prompt: How does the use of the “unlikely hero” archetype help prove a main theme in the story?Checklist: ThesisIncludes title and author of the bookIncludes how the Unlikely hero archetype helps prove a main theme in the story Claim (TAG+ literary device+ answer prompt) States the topic of the text and IDs Main ideaMakes a claim in response to the promptEvidence Uses relevant, direct quotations from the text to support their claim Includes context and sentence starters to introduce evidenceReasoning Identifies literary device in the text (where do we see it being used in the quote, how do we know it is that specific literary device)Explains the writer’s purpose for including the literary deviceConventions Uses a variance of simple, compound, and/or complex sentencesUses conventions of standard EnglishProperly cites quotations Concluding SentenceRestates thesis statement


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