Hospital Benchmarking

(I have attached this file as well )You have been appointed as lead project manager for the implementation of a new EHR system in a large multi- campus hospital system. The CEO and Board of Directors have asked you to provide information regarding the methods by which you will ensure successful adoption of the new information system, including productivity expectations and benchmarking with industry standards and similar organizations that use the same EHR system. The purpose of external benchmarking is to compare your organization and department’s performance with other comparable organizations or industry standards. Assignment Instructions1,Examine the productivity data for your HIM department.A. Compare to industry standards and other facilities that use the same EHR2. Compare at least two benchmarking techniques to interpret the results of the data.A. Differentiate between internal and external benchmarking.B. Provide examples of each.3. Discuss how benchmarking techniques are used to comply with health care regulations and improve organizational performance.4. Create a dashboard that will measure productivity. Provide a visual depiction of the dashboard. Be sure to include evaluation of benchmarked data from external sources (industry standards and other facilities).5. Compile your results and dashboard in an executive summary to share with the CEO.6. Recommend at least two initiatives to improve performance for the HIM department.A. Justify your recommendations.7. Construct a new performance measures plan for the HIM department.

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Hospital Benchmarking
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