Homelessness and the Transition from Foster Care to Adulthood.

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As much as the government has tried to improve the homelessness legislation, quite a large number of youth still undergo housing problems. Research shows that people who become homeless at a tender age are more likely to experience long-time difficulties.

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Homelessness and the Transition from Foster Care to Adulthood.
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One cause of the problem is low employment opportunities and income levels in society. A large number of the youth that is homeless are unemployed. Surveys conducted among the homeless youth show that 80% to 90% of the population are employed. Additionally, one of the main reasons why some of these people are homeless is due to the fact that they spent the early part of their life in foster care. Immediately they turned 18 years, the government does not allow them to continue staying in these agencies. One of the unfortunate impacts of withdrawing from this facility is the youth ending up in the streets homeless and jobless.

Personal experience is another cause of youth homelessness. Leaving home is one personal experience that can cause youth homelessness. However, it is vital to appreciate that some minorities leave family due to constructive factors such as starting university or a new job. This factor is not as impactful as the negative factors due to the fact that the majority have a choice of going back home.&nbsp. Some Minorities are pushed to leave their home due to violence, family conflicts, poverty, or sexual abuse. Some of these young people are forcefully pushed to leave their homes, due to their age they lack the resourceful skills required to set up a home.

One of the promising strategies towards the eradication of this problem is by equipping the youth with intensive case management services. This service will reduce the problem and aggressive behavior and to a better chance improve satisfaction with the quality of life. Additionally, the government needs to set up agencies that strengthen the capacity of parents to nurture children. Family conflicts need to be greatly addressed and protective factors at a personal, family, and community levels should be supported. Education strategies to support parents should be provided as a comprehensive component, and community-based family support can highly strengthen families and promote positive parenting and their capacity.

The government should also provide transitional plans to the youth leaving foster care. For instance it important to establish an aftercare program. The program would highly benefit the youth by ensuring that they acquire skills and knowledge, supportive services, economic resources, and connections to community networks. The programs will also ensure that the young adult has adult support, something that most young adults need and depend on in order to create a strong foundation for their independence.

Causes of youth homelessness.

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