Homeland Security Risk Assessment Chart

Instructions:Complete a brief Hazard Vulnerability Assessment based upon your local jurisdiction. Base this chart off of the jurisdiction that was completed (I attached the jurisdiction which was completed on the previous assignment. I uploaded it in the order. Be sure to specific pieces of critical infrastructure within your jurisdiction for further examination within your jurisdiction throughout this course. Additional Resources are available here: Please use this template and fill in chart:his assignment should be filled in with the template provided.Template: https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/1389015304392-877968832e918982635147890260624d/Business_RiskAssessmentTable_2014.pdfFEMA Hazard Identification & Risk Assessmenthttps://www.fema.gov/hazard-identification-and-risk-assessment FEMA Threat Identification & Risk Assessmenthttps://www.fema.gov/threat-and-hazard-identification-and-risk-assessment PEMA Sample Risk and Hazard Vulnerability Assessmenthttp://www.pema.pa.gov/planningandpreparedness/communityandstateplanning/Documents/04100%20Sample%20Risk%20and%20Hazard%20Vulnerability%20Assessment.pdf Risk Assessmenthttps://www.ready.gov/risk-assessment I HAVE ATTACHED THE BLANK TEMPLATE TO THIS ORDER. FILL IN THE CHART and complete. You might have to open up template in Adobe or any PDF editor software.

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Homeland Security Risk Assessment Chart
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