Homeland Security

Instructions: Answer each Discussion Board question on a separate page and it should be at least 300 words. Additionally, remember cite any outside references in APA Format. CLASS DISCUSSION NUMBER 2 (Week#3)Election Cyber Security has recently been added to the list of vulnerabilities and priorities threatening the national security and democratic sovereignty of the United States. Provide a brief synopsis of the emerging threat, strategies for ensuring the integrity of elections, and what is currently being done to combat this growing threat which also faces France, Canada, and the United Kingdom. DISCUSSION #1 (Week#4)Discuss the importance of Information Technology security and data acquisition controls. What are your agencies policies on IT? Are they strict enough? Do they meet the IT industry’s standards within the proprietary sector?Reference my uploaded document to assist with this assignment as well. I have to compile all information together and build on ech assignment each week. Instructor wants me to piggy back off of the infrastructure or agency that was selected on the previous assignment I uploaded to this order.

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Homeland Security
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