Homeland Security

Answer all questions individually on a separate page, and make sure each answer is 300 words and additionally, remember cite any outside references in APA Format. Reference the the attached paper for questions#2-3. The instructor wants me to feed information. from the previous paper that was completed in week#1. I have uploaded the paper, and the paper will express the special issues and problem. Please send me a message if you have any questions. The paper uploaded will help you know what problem or issues that need to be addressed to help answering the question.Instructions:Question#1What are the main reasons public policy is created and implemented? What groups of stakeholders should be involved in the process of creating drafting homeland security- emergency management? When creating and drafting homeland security- emergency management public policy, should any of the process be kept from the public or should it be an open process?Question#2Discuss the special issue you wrote about in Week 1’s written assignment. Explain what current approaches, policies, and solutions exist, and how effective they are or are not. Discuss how this issue directly impacts your jurisdiction or career path in the homeland security- emergency management profession.Question#3Research and discuss at least 5 public policy resources, and 5 academic resources that are relevant to your problem. Highlight for the class what they provide for researches, and how valuable you have found them to be. Consider their funding sources and political views and how this will affect the data they provide.Question#4 (Week#4)What is rationality in public policy decision making? What constitutes rationality in policy that affects society and civil liberties? Discuss how rational choice (Chapter 13) is applicable to your Homeland Security – Emergency Management issue/ problem that you are addressing. Does this require a moral, majority rules, best practices, or utilitarian approach when implementing your potential solutions?

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Homeland Security
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