Homeland Security

Instructions: You will use the information from prior written assignments and discussions from this course to create this draft. Your submission should clearly identify the issue, as well as outlining your solution’s arguments and components in APA format. Remember, this solution is your public policy recommendation and or approach to fixing major HLS-EM issue affecting your jurisdiction. I will upload the previous assignments, or I will reference the order# if the assignment is still in progress to being completed. I will also post the grading rubric. My instructor is very particular on citing sources. Please makes sure to include page numbers when citing sources as well. Please follow the grading rubric for Writing Assignment #1 (This assignment has been graded by my instructor), and you can use this assignment to gauge how my instructor grades and which way to complete an error free paper for me.WRITING ASSIGNMENT#1 (I UPLOADED, AND EXPLAINS THE UNDERLINING ISSUE).PLEASE REFERENCE THESE ORDER#’S TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT AS LONG AS OTHER SOURCES (SOME ORDERS ARE STILL IN PROGRESS:). PLEASE USE ALL ASSNMIGENT. TO HELP ASSIST WITH THIS ASSIGNMENT Order# 112458Order# 112458Order# 112458Order# 112487Order# 112490 Order# 112491Order# 112516Citing should also include the author and publication year for research. However, you must also include the pages or paragraph numbers—even when paraphrasing. (INSTRUCTOR SPECIFIC REQUEST)This paper should discuss:1. Identification and Introduction to the Problema. What is the issue/ problem?b. Why is it important to HLS?c. Why is it important to your jurisdiction?d. Who are the stakeholders?2. What is the current public policies, approaches, and or solutions to managing the issue?a. Why are they ineffective?b. How are they ineffective?c. Can they be improved?3. What is your proposed solution / policy concept to fix the issue?a. How will it work/ be implemented?b. What resources will it need?c. Why will this work?d. How/Why is this better? PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT LISTED ABOVE. THIS INSTRUCTOR IS VERY STRICT ON THE ERRORS AND REQUIREMENTS SHE ARE REQUESTING.Requirements: The paper should in APA format, be a minimum 10-15 pages in length, not including the cover page and reference page, with a minimum of 10 references, double spaced, 12-point font, and 1 inch margins.

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Homeland Security
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