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Use terms and theories to describe your analysis. It’s not just a 
report about what happened but also a way to display your ability to connect the Task to the information in class. Not discussing this will result in a loss of points.
The paper must be in APA Format. Times New Roman font, 12-point.  You are NOT required to have an abstract, but you MUST have citations and references. 
The title page and references page DOES NOT count in the 4-5 pages. 

Find a child between the ages of 5 and 9. You will need to BE SURE you have the materials to attempt at least TWO conservation tasks and the Heinz dilemma (you may use a version you find online). Answer the following questions. Describe exactly what took place.

1. What is the age and gender of this child? What is your relation to the child?

2. Where did you do this? What type of conservation was being measured? First, show the child the two identical presentations (describe them). Does the child agree that they are equal? If not, what did you do? Next, describe the transformation. Ask the child if two presentations are now equal (describe what you said). How does the child respond? Ask the child to explain why.

3. Answer the same questions for conservation task #2. After doing both conservation tasks, what did you learn? What cognitive development stage would you say the child is at?

4. Read the child the Heinz dilemma. Ask the child if Heinz was right to steal the drug. What does the child say? Why does s/he think Heinz did the right or wrong thing? What stage of moral development do you think Kohlberg would say the child is at?


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