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help in writing my essay
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The help in writing my essay business was not always such a big industry. It is not until a few years ago that some people realized that many students were suffering under the weight of academic pressure. It was realized that many students were dropping out of school because of the load that was imposed on them by their professors and guardians. This is exclusive of the pressure they were putting on themselves to do better in school and make useful networks for the future as well as work to support themselves all at the same time.

They had no one to turn to seek help in writing my essay. It was considered cheating of some sort. Therefore, a few people came together and created platforms on which you simply had to say- help in writing my essay. Like a genie, help in writing my essay would materialize.

When you ask a professional to provide help in writing my essay, you should expect the highest form of academic writing. There are days when you will feel like you can handle it yourself. In such cases, the following will be all the help in writing my essay you will need.

Tips for Help in Writing My Essay

help in writing my essay
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
  • Formal language

Avoid colloquialism and slang. It can be very easy to slip into a casual tone especially if you are writing a narrative essay. The advice here is, do not. Remain formal and focused on the task. The reader needs to be able to remain focused on the arguments and your thought process. Slang words are quite flashy. They jump out of the page. They can easily distract the reader from the subject. You need to maintain your formal persona throughout the paper. When you ask a professional for help in writing my essay, this will be easy for them as they have done it so many times.

  • Proper structure

The standard essay structure has three parts; introduction, body, and conclusion. Every single essay uses this structure. The body of different essays might look a little different. In some cases, it might contain elements like methodology, data, results, and a discussion. In other cases, it will simply be a cluster of paragraphs discussing the main arguments on the topic.

Always remember that the body is where you present your arguments and the evidence, nowhere else. In some cases, your essay might look like the conclusion is missing. This can happen if your conclusion, maybe, presents a new idea or does not work to tie the paper together. To achieve the right structure, professional help in writing my essay plans your paper accordingly.

  • Fulfillment of requirements

The professor will give you a list of requirements that will reflect the expectations of the assignment. He/she may or may not give you a topic but they will always provide some direction. In addition to that, they will ask that you format your paper in a specific way. For example, Arial 12 single-spaced. You have to make sure that your paper is adherent to these requirements before submission otherwise help in writing my essay will come in handy.

  • No clichés

This is in line with the use of colloquial language. It makes the essay come off a lot less serious than it should be. At the same time, do not make your wording pretty. This means that you should not use flashy words. You might think it makes you seem or sound smart or serious but it just makes you seem pretentious, at best. It might be difficult to differentiate your speech from your academic tone therefore you should seek help in writing my essay if you have doubts about your ability to differentiate.

  • Full words

Avoiding the use of contracted words is a fundamental rule in all forms of writing. It is so common in speech that many people have trouble keeping it out of their writing and therefore have to seek help in writing my essay. Leave those to texting and social media posts. A contraction like- wasn’t instead of was not- brings a casual air to the essay. It relaxes the mood a little bit. It also weakens your conviction.

For example, I don’t believe we will ever live in a corona-free world versus I do not believe we will ever live in a corona-free world. These two statements say the exact same thing but one seems and feels stronger than the other.

  • Active voice

The difference between active and passive voice is that in active voice, the subject is the doer. This is opposed to passive voice where the subject simply submits to the actions of the verb. For example,

Active: I will explain how to write an essay.

Passive: How to write an essay will be explained by me

It also seems like passive vice complicates even simple thoughts/statements. Therefore, endeavor to use active voice whenever possible. Not only will it help you keep your essay simple, but it will also help the reader have an easier time. Help in writing my essay should help you make a distinction between the two.

  • Page numbering

No matter how short your essay, always try to number your pages. Page numbers make it easier for the reader to find specific parts. Keep it simple though. The preferred style is at the top, in the header. Have the page number on one side and a summary of the essay title on the other. Format them to match the content in terms of the font.

There are many numbering styles but try to keep it plain and simple. The only flair should be in the strength of your arguments. While at it, have a table of contents for the really long papers. It helps a great deal as it is the first indication of what is to be expected. This is not something that warrants help in writing my essay but many people forget about it all together.

  • Citation style

This can be quite challenging and a good number of students always get the arrangements wrong. It is not quite possible to tell exactly how many citation styles there are. Some quote only about seven while other sources claim there are hundreds. No matter the number, only about five are most commonly used. So, get help in writing my essay. If you are feeling confident go ahead but keep the following in mind.

  1. APA is possibly the most common of all.
  2. Each citation style has its own structure.
  3. You should be careful not to mix up citation styles.
  4. Make sure to use the style that has been required by your professor or outline in the university handbook.
  5. No one in the course of college will take their time to teach you how to reference.
  6. You should take it upon yourself to learn at least three styles.
  • Proofreading

You might think that knocking down your 30-page dissertation is the end of the game. That is until you have to read through all thirty pages in search of errors and mistakes. Many students give in and scream for help in writing my essay at this point. It takes concentration and a special knack for spotting small issues whose mission is to blend in and remain unseen. You must always leave enough time between completion and submission for proofreading. It is not a duty to be done hurriedly. You must take your time. If possible, do it multiple times and once from the end toward the front.

Types of Help in Writing my Essay

1. Definition essay

This is an expository essay. You are required to explain something with a direct answer like ‘What is COVID-19?’ This question has a definite answer. There is no right or wrong way to answer it, there is just one way.

This help in writing my essay may seem like a simple task because you are only being asked to define something. But then, in the academic setting, you cannot hand in the dictionary definition and consider the assignment done. You have to take a closer look at the definition. You have to look at definitions from different sources. You have to critically analyze the definitions then come up with your own. Help in writing my essay will apply extensive resources to ensure an exhaustive completion.

An expository or definition essay is subjective in most cases. This is because you are not being asked to submit the dictionary definition but rather the definition in your opinion. Most definition essays are not too long either. Even when you are asked you discuss the etiology, it still will not be that long.

2. Analytical essay

An analytical essay is like a definition essay in many ways. It too defines something. However, this essay goes a step further to speak about other elements relevant to the definition. It is like providing both the letter and the spirit of the topic. Often an analytical essay is written about pieces of art. When you seek help in writing my essay to describe art, we start by describing the physical characteristics. Then we delve deeper into the meaning of every stroke.

For example, imagine you have been asked to write an analytical essay about Michelangelo’s David. You would obviously start with a description of the sculpture. You would speak about the height of the sculpture. You would mention the slingshot. You would most definitely mention that the sculpture is of a completely naked man. You would also mention the posture and material used to fashion David. Then, you would go deeper and talk about the symbolism. You would talk about the strength and bravery. You would talk about the true essence of a man being his intrinsic self and not what the world see

3. Narrative essay

This kind of help in writing my essay combines personal storytelling with academic writing. It will often be written in the first person. Often a narrative essay is required if one has been asked to write a report on a field trip or a data collection exercise. College application essays (addressed below) are also forms of narrative essays. Some essays can be partly narrative. For example, if you have conducted a study whose inspiration was a personal life event then the introduction would be narrative.

It is very easy to forget about the rules of academic writing when writing a narrative essay. One may find themselves slipping into an informal style of writing. Therefore remember to keep it formal even though you are narrating a personal story. Make sure there is a point to your narration.

4. Descriptive essay

A descriptive help in writing my essay will demand all the creative capabilities you have. It is a kind of essay that aims to have the reader understand and virtually experience whatever you are describing. You are required to be vivid and use a lot of similes among other language tools.

In descriptive help in writing my essay, you may not simply say- she was happy to see him. Instead, you would need to really set the scene. Put the reader in that moment and have them develop a mental picture of her happiness at the sight of him.

For example, the goosebumps on her arms alerted her to his presence. She turned to find him standing in the doorway with a blinding smile on his face. Her scream of joy was only masked by the excited pitter-patter of her heart.

For the best results, try not to expressly mention qualities you would like the reader to notice. Let the reader deduce some things for himself. For instance, in George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, there is a scene where Eliza throws her shoe at Henry. Henry’s first reaction is not anger at the aggression. It is concern at her outburst. The reader can already deduce from that scene that Higgins has begun to care for Eliza. The author need not say it.

5. Compare and contrast essay

Essentially what you are being asked to do here is look at two things, find the similarities and differences then write about them. In some cases, you may be required to include the merits and demerits of each. No matter the case, you need to remain objective. This can be difficult especially if you had a pre-existing prejudice. Compare and contrast help in writing my essay is a common request. They have a deeper intention. To be honest, you might not understand the true purpose of the assignment until you are halfway through or even done, in some cases. Therefore, you should make sure to analyze every aspect of the subjects.

For example, you may need to write a compare and contrast essay about Michelangelo’s David versus Donatello’s David. You could discuss their nudity and the contrapposto poses in the comparison section. You might also compare their reasons for choosing to depict a biblical David in their art. Then in the contrast section, you could speak about the differences in height as well as that one is poised ready to fight while the other is done fighting. You will also notice that while Michelangelo’s sculpture is standing tall and proud, Donatello’s is somewhat feminine.

6. Cause and effect essay

This is exactly what it sounds like. It is an essay that discusses how one thing led to another. The first part of the body will talk about the cause (the one thing). The second part of the body will talk about the effect (another). You would have to provide sufficient evidence to support the claim that something led to the other. Proof of a relationship between two subjects has to be fact-based.

Example 1, how does bad governance lead to a high national debt?

In the example, there would be many angles from which to approach the help in writing my essay request. But first, you would need to discuss bad governance. What is it? What are the markers of bad governance? Then you would need to discuss how that leads to the high national debt. Like how due to misappropriation of public funds the government constantly needs to borrow for things like healthcare among other needs.

7. Critical analysis essay

This essay is your chance to go all out with your opinion. It is your chance to judge a piece of art or whatever material you have been given. You have to discuss what you think has been done well. You also have to talk about what you think has been executed poorly. You might also provide recommendations for how you think it should have been done. The general help in writing my essay process involves the identification of the main theme of the piece after which you may outline any secondary themes. From then on, you may discuss how the piece has been executed.

8. Persuasive/Argumentative essay

This is meant to convince the reader to adopt a particular point of view. As the one trying to persuade them, you cannot let anything other than logic and facts color your arguments. You should also research the arguments to the contrary. This will enable you to anticipate the audience’s mental comebacks.

Your essay should start with your stance. Make sure the reader knows what you are trying to convince them. Then follow that up with the evidence from your research. That said, your research has to be well done, sufficient, and from credible sources. The reader does not have to adopt your point of view. It is your job to convince them with facts and hard evidence. Even then, they may only accept the validity of your view.

9. Process essay

This type of help in writing my essay explains how something is done. Therefore, the body paragraph will consist of the different steps required to achieve the goal.

10. Application essay

This is a narrative essay but it is such a monumental piece of writing that it deserves its own place on the list. When you apply to your dream college, part of the requirements will be to write an essay. In many cases, you are required to submit an autobiographical piece. In other cases, you may be asked to discuss your views on something like climate change or the economic crisis. No matter the topic given, the same tips apply. Help in writing my essay for this kind of assignment will be quick and perfect to get you through that door.

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