Healthcare in the US

How come it’s difficult for people with Medicare/Medical Assistance to get into a doctors or dentist office if they have insurance?

  • Most places don’t take insurance
  • How easy or hard is it for people with insurance to get assistance

How people with lower income struggle to get a doctor/dentist

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Healthcare in the US
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  • Do they take insurance
  • The kind of care they get

Create a case study on two people (going undercover)

Or create a story on

  • Language barriers
  • Not trusting doctors or government


I would start to research the history of Medicare and Medicaid. Then research why medical care takes public insurance, but dentists do not have to. There has to be a reason why Dentists don’t have to take Medicare or Medicaid.

Then I would start to think of myths people say when we talk about individuals who have Medicare/Medicaid.

Myth-they don’t care about their health


Myth-They …


You could do your presentation this way versus the scenarios/case study.

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