Healthcare education

OverviewWhen we approach healthcare education in preparation for a future career, we often evaluate our new knowledge and its applications personally. Thus, through validated research and professional presentations, we learn, assess, evaluate and apply this knowledge to our current lifestyle habits and challenges. Then, following this individual assessment, we move further into sharing our knowledge and experiences with our community and professional role expectations.Managing Stress and Living a Healthy LifestyleMental health is a core element of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To understand and teach others about positive mental health core elements, we need to understand and make all efforts to incorporate them into our personal lives and activities. Adequate sleep is important to mental health stability and we need to understand the benefits and practice valid recommendations.InstructionsReview the following videos:Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep Part 2: Discussion with Sleep Research Specialist Dr. Andrew Mouton2 [00:08:21] (opens in a new window).The Benefits of Good Night’s Sleep Part 3 — Sleep Research Specialist Dr. Andre Mouton [00:05:18] (opens in a new window).No Health Without Mental Health: Denny Morrison at TEDxBloomington [00:10:16] (opens in a new window)Summarize the key points presented in the videos focusing on 2–3 topics/concepts important for the expansion of public health education programs designed to advance healthier personal lifestyles through updated research, spiritual/faith influences, and community awareness.Explore one lifestyle change related to the video that you have made or would like to make and discuss the challenges and benefits of making such a change.Submit your assignment by following the instructions below before the deadline.

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Healthcare education
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