Healthcare Data Management and Governance ( Data Governance Structure)

NOTE!! THIS IS A HIMA460 PAPERYou are asked to perform a feasibly analysis to implement a data governance program. The first phase of your analysis is to explore the responsibilities of a Data Governance Officer and create a draft structure of the program.Find two job descriptions for a DG officer. Evaluate these job descriptions, identifying the key functions of these positions. Compare the similarities and differences among them. Draw conclusions from the similarities and differences among the job descriptions.Develop a 1-page Data Governance Officer Job description based on your findings.Create a diagram to demonstrate a general structure of a data governance program.In a 2-page report:Describe your diagram and DG structure.Describe the functions, responsibilities, and relationships among each of the participating parties in your diagram.Explain how an organization using your DG structure would maintain the standardization of data and meet the needs of the enterprise.Explain how an organization using your DG structure would maintain compliance with internal and external data requirements.Submit your job description, diagram, and summary.NOTE!!!Resources & Tips ‘Data Governance job description’ to find a variety of positions related to data governance including DG manager, data stewardship lead, enterprise data strategy, and governance manager.


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