health finance

I have chosen the Columbus, OH location. Student should prepare a demographic profile of the people who live there from data available at or from other demographic. This profile should provide specific information, including relevant facts and figures. Students are encouraged to include graphs or charts that help describe the demographics of your geographic area (at least one is required). Students should cite all of your sources within the text and on the reference page.Based on this demographic profile, you will analyze what sort of healthcare needs one might anticipate in the geographic area. In other words, what does this demographic profile tell you about the needed healthcare services or products? Are all these needs currently being met? If not, which needs might provide a market opportunity? During this section, you will get a better idea of what healthcare entity to choose in your budget planning and analysis.The length of the demographic site analysis should be 300 to 600 words. You should cite all sources in APA style, both in-text and at the end of the document. You are required to have at least three sources to support your paper. One of these sources may be one of your course textbooks. Each student must submit their own assignment


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