Health Care Finance Assignment

Final Exam

  1. What are the three types of flexible budgeting variance? CH 17 (5 Points)
  1. Cash, Accrual & Trend
  2. Productive, Non-Productive & Actual
  3. Volume, Quantity & Price
  4. None of the above.
  1. Variance Analysis can be performed as a two or a three variance

Analysis. CH 17 (4)

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Health Care Finance Assignment
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A. True B. False

  1. Which of the following is NOT a method of obtaining funds? CH 22 (4)
  1. Borrowing from Investors
  2. Borrowing from Family
  3. Borrowing from a Lending Institution
  4. Selling an additional interest in the organization
  5. Is the following statement true or false? CH 23 (4)

“The cost of an operating lease is considered a capital expense”

  1. True B. False
  1. Which of the following is NOT an element of a traditional (4 points)

business plan? CH 24

  1. Financial plan
  2. Marketing plan
  3. Organization plan
  4. Distribution plan
  5. What type of Bonds are long term obligations that are (4)

typically used to finance capital projects? CH 21

  1. Debentures
  2. Municipal
  3. Mortgage
  4. Common Stock
Which of the following is NOT a common use of Estimates? (4)CH 18Timeliness ConsiderationsCost/Benefit ConsiderationsBenchmarking ConsiderationsLack of Data
Which of the following is a type of Benchmarking? CH 18 (4)A financial variable not reported in an accounting system.A non-financial variable.A financial variable reported in an accounting systemAll of the AboveChoose the best description of a Financial Lease. CH 23 (4 Points)A document in which all transactions for the period reside.An increase in the volume of money.A formal agreement that is actually a contract.A contraction in the volume of available money.What does SWOT stand for? CH 19 (4)Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-ThreatsSystems-Workshops-Opportunities-TimelinessStatic-Weaknesses-Organizing-TargetNone of the AboveThe mission of the Securities and Exchange Commission (4)(SEC) is to ensure that the correct methods of accounting are utilized in a not-for-profit environment and that government auditors have access to books and records. CH 21True B. FalseBenchmarking is the continuous process of measuring products (4)Services, and activities against the best levels of performance. CH 18True B. FalseFinancing costs typically involve the following: CH 22 (4)Bartering and TradingInterest Expense and Loan CostsInflation and DeflationGross Domestic Product and Common StockName three (3) basic pieces of information related to theOrganization Segment of a Business Plan. CH 24 (6 Points)What are the five Initial decisions for the Business Plan? CH 24 (10)List two items that are FDIC Insured and two Items that are NOTFDIC Insured. CH 21 (8)If the formula for Target Operating Income is: CH 17 (8)N= Fixed Costs + Target Operating IncomeContribution Margin Per UnitAnd, if target operating income is $ 3200Unit price for sales is $200Variable cost per unit is $ 120Total fixed cost is $ 4000What is the contribution margin per unit?What are the four sources of Capital? CH 22 (8) is a Financial Lease? CH 23 (4)The Breakeven point is the point at which the Balance Sheet and the Statement of Revenue and Expenses total zero. CH 17 (3)True B. False


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