Have Power and Ideology Been Used to Achieve Consensus in India.

Need help with my writing homework on Have Power and Ideology Been Used to Achieve Consensus in India. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Yet, the U.S. could not claim the same degree of representation and plurality that India can. In this respect, Indian democracy can be said to be more functional than the more publicized democracies of the western world.

But this is not to say that real-politic does not exist in India, or that political campaigns and policy-making are fair and just. In independent India, there were numerous instances of misuse and abuse of power. Even the once-revered Congress Party (which was once led by the great Mahatma Gandhi) has now reduced to yet another power broker, having lost its aura and initial sanctity. (Cohen, 2000, p.32) The latest sign of its deviation from founding principles is its close alliance with the United States of America, whose imperialist agenda is well documented and blatantly expressed. And recent Indian governments have projected America-led neoliberal capitalist ideology as something benign and progressive in garnering electoral consensus.

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Have Power and Ideology Been Used to Achieve Consensus in India.
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“Numerous American officials already used the term “irreversible” to describe the course of Indo-U.S. relations. No U.S. president visited India&nbsp.between January 1978 and March 2000, when President Clinton made a historic trip to the Subcontinent. Cabinet-level exchanges have since become routine, and President Bush’s planned visit in early spring 2006 will reflect an agenda that has come to encompass shared global interests and concerns ranging from Iran and China to nuclear cooperation and biotechnology. Some have begun to see Bush’s visit to India&nbsp.as similar, in both intent and consequence, to that of Richard Nixon to China in 1972–which transformed Sino-U.S. relations and the global balance of power&nbsp.for the next three decades. (Khanna & Mohan, 2006, p.43)

The Congress Party, which has a history going back 115 years, is not only the oldest but also the most successful political organization in the country. In the six decades of post-independent democracy, the party has nearly monopolized power through consistent electoral victories. But the Congress Party of today (run under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, the widow of Rajiv Gandhi) doesn’t follow the same ideology as that under Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru, having studied law at Harrods and much inspired by Bertrand Russell and other progressive thinkers of the time, belonged to a different era and espoused a different set of political values.&nbsp.

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