Group Project Plan Report (40 -60 pages).



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Group Project Plan Report (40 -60 pages).
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Group Project Plan Report (40 – 60 pages). You will be given a feasibility study that shows that there was no suitable off-the-shelf existing software for a particular company and that the system can probably be implemented using an intranet-based solution. You will have to present a thorough plan of the development process and specify the rationale behind that plan. The documentation produced will then be used to negotiate and contract the new system’s complete design and implementation process. It should contain the following:

• Problem scenario description

• Systems development methodology

• Description and justification

• Design and develop team profile

• Project planning including: activities, tasks, deliverables, estimates, milestones, quality assurance, and risk assessment.

You must bring 3 copies of a full rough draft (15-20 pages) on the day of the rough draft workshop. Failure to bring a 15-20 page rough draft will lower the grade for your final paper by one full grade.


Introduction Page3

Problem scenario description – Kamrul Bhuiyan

System development method – Roshan Akther

Design and develop team profile – Nuha Haque

Project Planning – Farha

Conceptualization / Approach


Delivery schedule and deliverables

Team Charter

SWOT analysis

Outlining / Planning


investigation/ analysis

User requirements/ necessity

Scope :

Performance …………………..

Quality assurance

Risk assessment

Description and Justification – Tanisha Guerrero



Project planning including:


The concept of You Code is for a one stop shop for everything a person needs when they are going out. Usually this persists of things like taking car keys, credit cards, ID cards, vaccination card as well as insurance ID all of which are typical things one needs to be able to do everything from going to a place (using car keys and having insurance ID) to getting into a place like a restaurant (using vaccination card) to paying for the food to eat (using credit cards). Now imagine if you go out and are missing any one of these items or even if you have a credit card, you forgot to bring a gift card or you had a reward attached to another credit card which you forgot to bring. This is where the concept of You Code makes total sense. Not only are we going to give you abilities that both Google Pay and Apple Pay does but also add on to those features like ability to carry your ID Card as well as Vaccine Card. All in one solution for a virtual wallet which has everything you need. This can be both your primary form of usage as well as can be used as back up if you forgot to bring one of those aforementioned items when you go out.

The You Code app also needs to be able to make revenue, this is why we are striving for perfection as our only source of revenue in the app will be from advertisement. This is something crucial as ads are generally not something customers like so for us to be able to make sufficient revenue we would need to be able to have a large customer base as well as show frequent ads for us to make sufficient revenue.


  • Maintain a time frame of the project to ensure release of You Code during the scheduled 2022 release time frame.
  • The project’s progress will be reported on a weekly basis by the team leader.
  • The Project will need to adhere to software development standards.
  • The project needs to be completed within the approved budget.
  • Have the necessary agreements with the state governments to ensure ID Card complies with all laws and procedures.
  • Your Code will need to be able to accept all Credit Cards and Debit Cards.
  • You Code needs to be able to accept all ID Card 50 States
  • You Code needs to be able to accept all Insurances
  • You Code needs to have advertisement in it at an acceptable level.

Tasks –

  • Ensures a proper team is formed for the development of YOU CODE –

This consists of a Project Manager (Farha), Developers, Testers, Analyst.

  • Also we would need to hire experts in this subject matter to ensure all proper features and direction is being taken by this development of the You Code.
  • Make sure the proper office space and environment is created for the team to work in.
  • Test prototype with real user to get customer feedback for us to improve You Code.
  • Create a legal team to work with State Governments to make the necessary agreements
  • Need to review Apple guidelines for app development
  • Need to review Google guideline for app development
  • Need to integrate advertising into the app for revenue.

Deliverables –

Group Project Plan Report (40 -60 pages). You will be given a feasibility study that shows that there was no suitable off-the-shelf existing software for a particular company and that the system can p 1

​​We will start the project in 2022 and 50 state

App store approval

In order for us to start we need Requirements gathering. The process of defining what our projects need to achieve and what has to be built to make it happen is known as requirements gathering. It’s the procedure of getting information from various customers and users to serve as the customer services for the official Requirements.

For the technology requirements we need all device-specific functions, use GPS, gestures, and notifications, are accessible. Additionally It can provide the user with a complete experience on their iOS or Android smartphone. Most importantly, it’s possible to use it even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Regulatory requirements. A regulatory requirement is a rule imposed on an organization by a government authority. Almost all organizations are governed by federal and state laws. Which will take approximately three months for all 50 state procedures.

A proof-of-concept (POC) is a technical test that determines how many people are practical. The proof of concept application method must have a clear end goal. Also it will show and explain to us whether we can achieve the application or not.

Revenue Stream:

Group Project Plan Report (40 -60 pages). You will be given a feasibility study that shows that there was no suitable off-the-shelf existing software for a particular company and that the system can p 2

A cost benefit analysis is crucial for such a project like You Code which needs to have a proper justification in terms of viability. Whether the app once created by the team with the huge development cost of over one and a half year will bring back enough revenue for the whole thing to be considered successful . In this analysis we took the cost benefit approach as can be seen in the above graph. Where the horizontal axis is the number of customers that would need to be using the app, hence they would see ads which would be the revenue, and the vertical axis which is the amount of money in dollars. In this chart as we can see the initial part of the app is going to be pure cost with some revenue coming in when the customer base is at a minimum of 5000.

According to our analysis the cost benefit analysis shows us a break even point, which is where the line graph of cost is being intersected by the line graph of revenue. This is the point where we can consider the app to be at break even which for us is at a little over 160,000 customers using our app. Anything beyond that can be considered as net profit as the cost increase is marginal beyond that point.

Estimates – we have come up with a realistic estimate of when and how we can achieve the projected desire of creating the You Code which will also be able to be used by the customer. If we look at our Deliverables Chart it shows all the steps that would need to be completed for us to be able to say that You Code is ready for release. This is possible by getting the main key ingredient which is what the customer wants and needs. This is where we start the project by requirement gathering (analyst) . This is the job of the analyst in the team to ensure all aspects of customer pain points are delivered upon which is 10 percent of the overall project. Then we look into the technology which is another 10 percent of the project to ensure all the technical things in the background we can plan for to make sure the customer has a smoother experience. And also Regulatory requirements will also be something the analysts will look into to see what makes a vaccine card and State Id what they are. The estimate right now is to have these things delivered in the first month of the project which would mean we would be at 30 percent of the completion of the project. Then the POC can be built by the team from which we would be going into building the app which would encompass almost 50 percent of the project completion.

Once this is done comes the most important part which is the customer feedback this is where a survey will be done to make sure we are heading towards the right direction and then from that comes the crucial part of getting the app approved both from Technology (which will be Apple and Google Store) as well as regulatory (which will be the 50 States issuing the drivers license). Once these steps are complete according to our estimate we would be at 90 percent completion of the project which means a soft launch would be possible.

Overall our estimate is to have the project take no more than one and a half years from Jan 2022 to April of 2023 by which time You Code will be in the hands of each of our customers.

Milestones –

  • Creating a POC which will be presented to the state governments for approval.
  • Create a basic requirement for State ID to ensure no misuse by the end customer is possible.
  • Get the safety and security of the You Code app built from the ground up to ensure that no one can hack or compromise the system.
  • Get customer feedback from POC to create the first version of the app which should have an insurance card, one credit card, one ID card, One Vaccine card added to the app.
  • Get an agreement created with FDA to ensure a proper process of verifying COVID vaccine cards.
  • Create a deliverable deadline for realistic release of this app.
  • Reaching the minimum number of customers once released of 150,000.

Quality assurance – For us to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction is what we derive for as the market is very competitive we need to make sure that we are 100 percent accurate on delivering the app which is exactly what the customer was looking for. This is why Quality of the app is of utmost importance to us. As can be seen from our project deliverables. This is a high priority and something we do in all parts of the project. As we begin not with creating the app but with collecting the data about what the customer needs and wants. As well as having customer feedback in the middle of the project and also at the very end having additional tests of the application during our soft launch which is where we will be bringing in real life customers who will be no less than 100 real people. With whom the team will be working and making sure the app is exactly what they were looking for.

With all these steps what we are trying to achieve is not only a happy customer but to ensure a long shelf life of the You Code app which is just the beginning of where we want to go with this project.

Risk assessment –

You Code has multiple risks associated with building such an app. One of the main challenges will be security as these days it is very common for people, who are called hackers, whose only task is to hack applications for their own personal gains. To combat this we would be needing a full team not only to build the app but also to maintain it after the app is released as well. This includes people who are experts in such security. They would need to test the app in every step of the way to make sure that no one can hack this app.

This is one of our main Risks which we identified as this app is something we are asking our customers to trust with their data and security needs to be the most it can be. As we do not want to lose our customers’ trust and the You Code app never gets to the greatness that is possible by it. Also the other challenge of security is if the app gets hacked we also face government scrutiny as they might come for us to close down the app or even ask for money for their citizens which is also another big risk which we identified. For You Code this risk is 50 times greater than the rest of the applications out there as not only are our customers from one City or state but from 50 different states.

We have also identified key states like California and New York which will be a big risk for us in getting regulatory approval as these states have some of the strict policies when it comes to their citizens personal data. For this reason the team would need to be extra careful when dealing with such States for the ID Card verification.

We have also come to realize that proof of Vaccine is another challenge, as we have been made aware by our experts that the vaccine cards are being illegally created so another risk that the You Code app has is to make sure we identify which vaccine card is real and which has been created illegally. This is a risk as vaccine cards unlike ID cards are more hard to verify if they are real or not.

Another risk identified by the team is that both Google and Apple need to give us their approval of the app if we ever want to hit the market. These two companies can be said to be the gateway to the customers phone. As they control which applications can be released to the customer and which cannot. This is truly a big risk as we cannot afford to have one of these two companies reject our proposal and not let us release the app in modern phones like Iphone and Android Smartphone.

Another risk the You Code app needs to pass is the Federal Government. There are some discussions happening in those levels where such apps are being considered as a privacy issue which is also another challenge for our release.

One other risk for You Code is that this is an app which would need a big customer base for us to be sustainable as there are big initial costs for the app to be successful, that is we would need a customer base of over 150,000 just to break even on the cost of development of the app itself.

One key risk is becoming too big too soon. Although we want You Code to be as successful as possible , we need to be mindful of how complex the app really is in the background. As this app not only needs to store customer data it also needs to communicate with the different States and their ID Card verification systems as well as insurance companies and credit cards companies which means there will need to be huge investment in infrastructure to store all this data. If we become too popular initially we may not be able to store all these data and our app will become nonfunctional. So this is also a risk we have identified as we have limited budget we need to make sure we can sustain the release of the app You Code long after it has reached the hands of the customers.

Nuha Haque:

Step1: Download an app called “You code”.

Step 2: Create a Username, email, and password.

Step 3: Save keyword( it’s safe if someone else is using other apps (like children, uncle and etc)).

Step 4: Give a warning, say accept and decline. (If system monitoring reveals information indicating possible criminal activity, such evidence may be provided to law enforcement personnel).

Step 5:Put your information. (Name, gender, date of birth, etc).

Step 6: All the ID card information.

Step 7: Photo ID

Step 8: Covid Vaccination card

Step 9: Save and login

Group Project Plan Report (40 -60 pages). You will be given a feasibility study that shows that there was no suitable off-the-shelf existing software for a particular company and that the system can p 3

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