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The main purpose of the research is to identify the benefits an organization gets from using mobile phone technology. Increased productivity and saving of movement time make mobile phones highly preferred as a means of communication. The researchers should take action to properly conducting their research using the research methods. They should be using questionnaires, observation and interviews in researching the three discussed companies. These companies include Nike, Pepsi and Mc Donald. McNaughton, et al. (2013)Executive summary.

The study’s main aim is to identify the advantages of using mobile technology in enterprises communications. In that case, mobile technology has contributed a lot in improving the technology of various businesses. Additionally, the research has shown different methods used by the organization today in managing the mobile technology. Mobile technology in firms has made the communication process easier for individuals from one department to another. This has eventually increased the speed of the work performed in the organization. There is good interaction between the top-level management and the juniors through mobile phone technology and interdepartmental collaboration. There are few cases of delay in businesses that recognize mobile phones as a communication device since many workers find it easier to pass on important messages. The mobile form of technology has various forms of advantages that make it to be more preferred. It leads to increased productivity, an individual can work from everywhere anytime, saving time and reducing the costs incurred in operation. Mayisela, (2013).Table of content. Contents

Memo. 2

Executive summary. 2

Table of content. 4

Introduction. 5

Report body. 5

Background of the study. 5

Results. 10

Discussion of each research question. 11

Conclusion. 12

References 12Introduction.

Mobile phone technology has various benefits that make it to be highly preferred as a means of communication. It helps save time within an organization that can be used to move from one place to another. This means that the message is communicated to individuals through the phones which takes a shorter time. Since there are few movements in the firm, it has made workers able to complete their work within a very short time, hence increasing the firm’s productivity. Today, many firms have categorized mobile phones communications into different types and their benefits. Departments within an organization mostly prefer mobile communication since it will improve their interactions with other members of other departments. Castells, et al. (2009)Report body. Background of the study.

The research study is all about the use of mobile phones technology in a firm as a means of communication. The researchers investigate that the organization prefers mobile phones since it has its benefits, which may help the firm achieve its goals and objectives. Therefore, the report’s main aim is to identify all the company’s benefits after using the phones in communication. Therefore the researchers were able to investigate and come up with various benefits that a company gets through mobile phones. These benefits help in bringing a positive impact to the organization. Sheng, et al. (2005)

The first important that they investigated is increased productivity. It was investigated that a firm that uses mobile phone technology to communicate has got teamwork that eventually improves its productivity. When the employees perform their work as a team consulting one another through their phones, they can perfectly perform their work without any delay, hence making a huge profit due to its improved productivity. However, it is easier for workers to consult their bosses about what to perform a certain task through the phone where they also reply through a call or message, it was investigated that the use of a phone has highly contributed to the improved productivity in a firm. Davison, et al. (2015)

The next benefit that they investigated is efficiency improvement. Mobile phone technology has helped in improving organizational efficiency by the following things. The first reason mobile phones have improved organizational efficiency is that it helps minimize face-to-face meetings, which sometimes may not be well managed due to absenteeism of the people. Workers may sometimes not be confident enough to address their bosses on the emerging issues about the organization through face-to-face communication but through the mobile phone, they are confident enough to address them. The other reason is the creation of opportunities for better communication between the workers and the management staff. Meso, et al. (2005)

The other advantages that were researched are that the time for work performance is saved since the workers are not supposed to move from their workplace to consult something instead, they do it through the phone. Therefore, a lot of time used by workers moving up and down, consulting their bosses on how to perform their work is saved. Additionally, the operational cost is reduced. The other benefit is the organizational alignment. Mobile phone technology helps in organizational alignment by securing market share and getting the staff members aligned to the task at hand. Additionally, workers can use mobile phones to unite their workers. The top management unites workers from the different departments through mobile phones, ensuring good interaction within an organization. Additionally, through organizational alignment, every individual working within a firm can know the kind of work they are allocated to. Quesada-González, et al. (2017)

The other benefit which they investigated is a deeper employee engagement. It was investigated through mobile phone technology that many people have highly engaged themselves in the organization. This has helped improve the organizational performance where the organizational work is divided into team groups. The work is done perfectly and organized, which helps the firm be very productive. Therefore, mobile phone communication boosts the employees’ engagement in promoting and working on organizational activities. Most organizations have many activities which sometimes need to be handled by many individuals. The last one is that mobile technology within a company helps to better the organization. This means that the firm was in a better position since it can address their views to each other through the phone. This helps it to be aware of the competitors in the market. Flora, et al. (2014)

Methods used.

Various research methods have been used by the researchers so as they can be able to know more about the mobile phone technology used within an organization. They were able to use three methods that helped them come up with their final results about the research. The first method that was used is the use of the interview. They use interviews where they ask relevant questions about phone communication. They were able to carry out the interviewing process in three companies, including Pepsi, Mc Dornard and Nike. They managed to visit those three companies where they carried out their research using open-ended interviews. Researchers visit those companies with already organized questions where they ask the communication manager. Some of the questions asked include: What are the advantages of using mobile phone technology in organizational communications? Through this, they were able to know the benefit of using mobile phone technology in every organization.

Additionally, interviewing process should be conducted with an aim of answering the research questions. The communication manager within a firm is the one who is responsible for giving out all the relevant information that are needed by the researchers. The manager should mostly be ready to provide response on what he was asked by the researcher. The main advantage of carrying out an interview is to ensure that they were able to know the communication skills used by the firm and whether mobile phone is among them. Morocho-Cayamcela, et al. (2019)

The other method that they uses is questionnaires. This is where the researchers uses some questions written on papers. Those questions are all answered which helps in giving a more go ahead of the research. In that case, the researchers go to the Nike, Mc Donald and Pepsi Company with their questionnaires, giving it to the communication managers of every firm they are required to fill. They all filled with the right details by ensuring every space is clearly analyzed and ensuring that no spaces are left without the answers. The individuals involved in the communication department of the three companies mentioned above have different views and different ways of approaching the questions on the questionnaires. After they had filled every space, the researchers then took their questionnaires and goes to analyze them.

The other method that they use is the observation method. In this case, the researchers are required to conduct data through observing for themselves. They managed to visit Mc Donald’s, Nike and Pepsi Company where they made some observations without consulting anyone in the organization. However, after visiting the organization they were able to attend the communication technology department and try to observe if there is any benefit of using mobile phones by that is experienced by the workers. After observing, they were able to get answers to the research questions. They were able to do this since every company has a communication department. Suarez, et al. (2018)Results.

Various results were identified after carrying out the research method. After interviewing the three mentioned companies, they identified those companies that mostly use mobile phone technology to carry out the communication process. However, they saw that the organizational members do not have to move from one place or from one department to another to pass the information. Instead, it is done through mobile phones which helps in saving time.

Additionally, they had also conducted questionnaires method in those three companies. They were able to get some answers to most of their research questions where they get those questions filled by the firm’s members. Through this, they were able to get their intended information about mobile phone communication within an organization. They investigated that through mobile phones, those firms can improve their productivity since the workers perform their work on time and in a perfect way. Frith, et al. (2019)

However, after doing their research through observation, they were able to come up with a clear clarification of the other forms of communication that are used on the three companies. They were able to conclude that even though there are other methods of communication used by those firms still they are not the best like mobile phone communication. They say that mobile technology is the best method to save time and promote the organization’s effectiveness.Discussion of each research question.

There is the various research question that is seen on the research paper. The first one is on the importance of using mobile phone technology in business enterprises. This question can be well answered through observation where the organization workers are free to write various benefits that they acquire when using mobile phones. Through the answers they observed, they concluded that the main benefit of using mobile phones in a firm is that it improves the firm’s productivity. The second question is on the forms of using mobile phone technology in companies. The researchers investigated that mobile phone communication can be represented in different forms either through a message or making a call. This mostly does not involve physical appearance. Therefore the best research question to be used is the use of questionnaires. The last research question talks about how mobile phones help in improving interdepartmental collaboration. The use of questionnaires is the best research method to be used. Heeks, (2017). Conclusion.

In conclusion, the researchers came up with different views concerning mobile phone communication in an organization. They noticed that after using the three research methods in collecting data within those three companies, they would eventually come up with effective research conclusions. The main advantage of using the research question is that it helps in time-saving which can be used in moving up and down consulting their bosses. Therefore, by the use of mobile phones that time is saved hence improving the firm’s productivity. However, the action to be taken is to ensure that phone communication effectiveness is effective to conduct the research methods properly. Viete, et al. (2020)References

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