Going Out to Eat at a Nice Restaurant

I will pay for the following article Going Out to Eat at a Nice Restaurant. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. There were many occasions where we would go out to eat at a nice restaurant because of a special occasion, i.e. birthday, Christmas, or just a general celebration, but none of these really stick in my mind. The reason is that all of these things came around once each year so it was more like a ritual or a habit rather than a celebration. The time that I remember the most is when my family and I went on our holiday out of the country. It was a small island located in the Caribbean, and it was a special moment in my childhood. The setting was remarkable as the waves crashed against the shore while a magnificent sunset occurred daily. There was one restaurant on that island that I shall never forget because of the awesome feeling I got from the delicious food that they served.

Once we arrived to eat, the waiters and waitresses came to take our order. My siblings and I were given permission from our parents to select whatever dish or dishes we wanted because we would likely never be able to return here again. As all kids do, I immediately fixed my eyes on the most expensive item on the menu. It did not occur to me at that young age that price doesn’t necessarily equate to quality, but that did not matter to me. I was feeling famished and I couldn’t wait to tuck into the most delicious dinner dish I had ever tasted. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, we noticed the ambiance in this particular restaurant. There was a young lady quietly playing the violin over in the corner, while the flickering lights created a sense of calm over the whole place.

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Going Out to Eat at a Nice Restaurant
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After some time our food was brought out to us. not the main course, just the entrée. As I chose not to order one of these, I had to wait a little bit longer for my food. After the rest of my family had finished their appetizers, we noticed a long-bearded man come into the room and begin to play his guitar. He was quite talented with this musical instrument, and the remarkable sound coming from his guitar kept our minds off the impending arrival of our main courses.

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