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Curriculum Change Plan: Part 1 – Research Matrix

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Kelly-Ann Riddell

School of Education, Liberty University

Author Note

Kelly-Ann Riddell

I have no known conflict of interest to disclose. “<Disclose conflicts, if any>”

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Kelly-Ann Riddell

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Research Matrix

Curriculum Change Plan Proposed Topic: Plan to change curriculum for the 5th grade in social studies.

1. TitleElementary ELA/Social Studies Integration: Challenges and Limitation
Author(s)Tina L. Heafner
Date of Publication30 January 2018
TopicThis research have focused on how instructors teach social studies in educational institutional despite inadequate resources and “hierarchical subject area expectation.” This group suggested there should be an addition of 45 minutes for the instruction time.
TheoriesCurricular integration and instruction
Research QuestionHow integration influenced the mode of teaching social studies?
MethodologySome of the methods used in the research were observation, interview, formative and summative assessment. Also, the researcher analyzed data for grades k-5.
ResultsThe result showed that there had been an integration model of ELA and social studies, which were resulted in misunderstanding. The researcher stated that the result of social studies was different from what was expected (Heafner, 2018)
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.Social studies should be taught separately in order to achieve the best outcome.
2. Title“We want to learn.” Middle school Latino/ s student discusses social studies curriculum and pedagogy
Author(s)Christopher L. Busey and William B. Russell III
Date of Publication24 March 2016
TopicExamines Latino’s student perception who are at the middle school social studies
TheoriesThis research has focused on development theory in adolescent. The author holds a strong value on culturally responsive teaching and pedagogy that the teacher has to examine students’ backgrounds.
Research QuestionWhat are the experiences that influence the perception of learners?What perception do 8th grade Latino learners have for social studies?
MethodologyThe research is conducted on the basis of qualitative interviews as well as narrative methodology. This helps in determining student’s perception as well as perception (Busey & Russell, 2016)
ResultsThe result obtained are different, but they have some common themes; that is, lack of cultural diversity, banking pedagogy and the essence of current and global perception
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.I will use this research can be used to adopt a diverse cultural curriculum.
3. Title“All Teaching Should Be Integration”: Social Studies andLiteracy Integration in Preservice Teacher Education
Author(s)Rena Shifflet & Carolyn S. Hunt
Date of Publication20 June 2019
TopicThe author states that there are inadequate social studies curriculum in elementary schools. The aim of this article is to provide research support social studies and integration of literacy within the curriculum of the elementary classroom (Rena & Carolyn, 2019)
TheoriesIntegration and cross-curricular instruction are theories that focused on the entire research.
Research QuestionWhat are the factors that influence the implementation of the integrationHow teachers involve themselves in the integration of literacy and social studies
MethodologyDesirable integration and undesirable integration
ResultsThe research portrayed effective integration of social studies and literacy, which requires a deep understanding of the limitation of understanding. The research also demonstrates the essence of planning on the educator’s part to enable the student to show the best outcomes.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.This research can be used to show the essence of planning so that I will be able to be successful in integrating social studies.
4. TitleThe Embodied Social Studies Classroom- Repositioning theBody in the Social Sciences in School
Author(s)Louise Sund, Mikael Quennerstedt, Marie Ohman
Date of PublicationFebruary 2019
TopicThis study focuses on how teachers and students acquires some functions in both physically and mentally in social studies.
TheoriesThe liminality of pedagogical relationship and John Dewey’s transaction view of emptied rationality
Research QuestionWhat does the body do in terms of functional coordination
MethodologyData analysis as well as collection
ResultsThere are embodied engagement that the researcher has identified that describes how students’ physical body is related social studies.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.I will use these instructions for professional development, thus enabling the adoption of a new social studies curriculum.
5. TitleSocial Studies, Social Competence, and Citizenship in Early Childhood Education: Developmental Principles Guide Appropriate Practice
Author(s)Kristen M. Kemple
Date of Publication27 June 2016
TopicThis article focuses on how students can be reached through social studies education in Kindergarten age group as well as Pre-Kindergarten.
TheoriesSocial competence, social and emotional understanding, and child development
Research QuestionWhat are social studies in relation to this research?
MethodologyIntegration and data collection
ResultsSocial studies instructions are very important in childhood development because it enables in connection with other subjects.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.This research is the foundation in order to begin the access of civic information for young children.
6. TitleThe effective social constructivist approach to learning for the social studies classroom
Author(s)Rajendra K. Shah
Date of Publication2018 December
TopicThis study determines other methods that can be used to teach social studies.
TheoriesTeaching models, constructivism and social-cultural approach
Research QuestionWhat are the alternatives models of learning and teaching
MethodologyQualitative method for descriptive research and questionnaire
ResultsThe results obtained from the research show that the use of constructivists as a method of teaching social studies plays an important role in sustaining learner’s culture.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.I can use this research shape as well as enduring career development once the social studies curriculum has been adopted.
7. TitleImproving Access to Elementary School Social StudiesInstruction: Strategies to Support Students with LearningDisabilities
Author(s)Stephen Ciullo
Date of PublicationDecember 2015
TopicThe aim of this research is to discusses how social studies instructions are important in education institutions
TheoriesInstruction and curricular integration
Research QuestionHow can special education teacher access social studies?
MethodologyThe researcher used the methods such as comprehension strategy instruction, collaboration, and trial testing.
ResultsThere are some two main option that are provided under the result of this research’ that is providing opportunities for special education teachers and strategies.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.This research will help to determine the requirement needed for social studies.
8. TitleTeaching Social Studies to Upper Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities: Graphic Organizers and Explicit Instruction
Author(s)Stephen Ciullo, Terry Flacomata, and Sharon Vaughn
Date of Publication2016
TopicThis article focuses on the investigation of cases of learners with disability in grade four and five.
TheoriesCollaborative assignments, graphic organizers and technology-based practices can be used to improve acquisition of the content.
Research QuestionHow do student perceive the efficacy of using a graphic organizer
MethodologySome of the methods used include pre or post-test, and filling questionnaire as a method of collecting data.
ResultsThe results showed that after comparing cases of student who have learning disability, the result showed equivalent performance for both groups of students.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.This research can be used to determine what is needed for social studies curriculum by utilizing the available options.
9. TitleSocial studies curriculum integration in elementary classrooms: A case study on a Pennsylvania Rural School
Author(s)Julie Ollila and Marisa Macy
Date of PublicationFebruary 2019
TopicThis article focuses on how No Child Left Behind has help students to access education in the United States.
TheoriesIntegrated curriculum theory
Research QuestionHow integrating social studies can affect the concepts of English language?What are the effects as well as the appropriate way of integrating social studies concept into ELA?
MethodologyInterviews, data collection, and data analysis
ResultsThe result of this research shows that when a focused group understands the instructions for social studies, there will be high chances to improve the results for the students understanding the concept and learning objectives.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.I will use this research to identify curriculum that has a lesson that is being taught concisely.
10. TitleTeaching in a play-based curriculum: Theory, practice, and evidence of developmental education for young children
Author(s)Bert Van Oers and Debbie Duijkers
Date of Publication24 February 2012
TopicThis research is conducted aiming to enable young student to develop vocabularies on their own.
TheoriesLeont’ev’s activity theory
Research QuestionWhat are the outcomes of the Developmental Education approach?
MethodologyExperimental analysis
ResultsLearners who took part in play-based curriculum obtained higher grades.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.This research can be used to improve student’s grade.
11. TitleA study of state social studies coordinators ׳ views of theCommon Core
Author(s)Kathy Swan, John Lee and S.G. Grant
Date of PublicationSeptember 2016
TopicThe researcher focused on the perspective of different coordinators of social studies from different states and how they have an effect on ELA.
TheoriesELA has various impacts and the researcher can use analytical process to determine those impacts.
Research QuestionWhat are the benefits of ELAWhat are the challenges anticipated by ELA
MethodologyQuantitative and qualitative methods of data collection
ResultsState coordinators can be categorized in four different groups, that is, those who support CC-ELA, optimistic, pessimistic of CC-ELA, and those who have positive impacts on CC-ELA.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.English language and common core studies are closely related, thus they can be used in social studies.
12. TitleDescriptive feedback: student voice in K-5 classrooms
Author(s)Carol Rodgers
Date of PublicationMarch 2018
TopicThis article focused on the critical dialogue of nature that is between learners and teachers about their experiences.
TheoriesDescriptive feedback theory has focused on this study
Research QuestionWhat is the influence of descriptive feedback on instructional dynamics?
MethodologyThe researcher in this study used orientation as well as training of descriptive feedback.
ResultsTeachers in educational institutional and those who took part in the study accepted descriptive feedback. These instructions also enabled students to memorize what they learned.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.This research can be used to determine individual’s careers after new social studies curriculums have been adopted.
13. TitleA dilemma in educational leadership: maverick social studies teachers versus curriculum outcomes
Author(s)Gregory R.L. Hadley
Date of Publication22 November 2017
TopicThis article aims on how school guidelines can impact instructions and pedagogy that are used to teach social studies.
TheoriesNeoliberal principles
Research QuestionWhat are the curriculum integrity that are being used in colleges?
MethodologyQualitative data collection method and interview
ResultsMost of the results were obtained through the interview, and they portrayed that the social curriculum studies have been updated for the last 15 years.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.This research is vital because it guides teachers when teaching social studies.
14. TitleEnhancing Information Literacy for Preservice ElementaryTeachers: A Case Study from the United States
Author(s)Margie Ruppel & Sara W. Fry
Date of PublicationSeptember 2016
TopicThis research was conducted in order to determine the effects of one-credit information
TheoriesThe research is based on pedagogical knowledge.
Research QuestionHow teachers’ information is affected by one-credit course?
MethodologyThe researcher used control group as a method of gathering information and qualitative data collection methods were used to.
ResultsAfter subjecting one group to 15 hours of instruction and another group was not subjected, the result showed that both groups collaborated, thus leading to the development of both groups.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.This can encourage teachers to progress in their careers in order to ensure that they are prepared adequately.
Author(s)Stephanie Schroeder and Elizabeth Washington
Date of Publication2019
TopicThe main goal of this study is to determine the method that should be used in teaching social studies.
TheoriesA personal goal, course goal, and challenges
Research QuestionWhat are the challenges as well as the goals of doctoral students teacher
MethodologyQualitative method of collecting data, interview, observation, and analysis of documents
ResultsThis research has a limited case study pool; the results that were reflecting were for the statement made by those who were involved in the study.
Explain the application to your curriculum change plan.This article can be used as guidance for identifying quality curriculum for adoption and professional planning.


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