Question: Globalization has increased the need for leaders to become competent in

cross-cultural awareness and practice. Hofstede’s (1980, 2001) work has been the benchmark for much of the research on world cultures. He identified five major dimensions on which cultures differ. In the specific area of culture and leadership, the “GLOBE Study of 62 Societies” (House et al, 2004) offers the strongest body of findings to date. Based on their research and the work of others the authors identify nine cultural dimensions that increase our understanding of cross-cultural interactions and the impact of culture on leadership effectiveness.

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While several of these GLOBE dimensions refer in one way or another also to Hofstede’s dimensions, two of them are identical. Which ones?


– Gender Egalitarism

– Humane Orientation


– Uncertainty Avoidance

– Power Distance


– Humane Orientation

– Uncertainty Avoidance


– Institutional Collectivism

– Humane Orientation


– Power Distance

– Assertiveness

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