View the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (abbreviated) by visiting this link:

In this week’s reading on human rights, religion was touched on because religious freedom (or the lack of it) has been a major issue relating to Human Rights. Consider some of the following questions and reflect on your country’s attitude toward religion, and the aspects surrounding it. The journal entry should be about a page in length.  If applicable, be sure to cite any resources you use to support your learning journal.  (You don’t have to answer all of the questions below, they are for reflection purposes.) 

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What are the predominant religions in your country  ( Grenada West Indies)?

How are minority religions treated in Grenada west indies

What do human rights monitoring groups (for example, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and Amnesty International) say about Grenada’s religious tolerance?

  • Does Grenada west indies separate religion from government?
  • According to Grenada west indies, what are the worst cases of religious intolerance occurring in the world today?
  • What treaties has your government signed or ratified regarding religious intolerance?
  • What programs can Grenada west indies suggest to help build respect for religion around the world?
  • How can the UN help stop state‐sponsored religious intolerance?
  • Should some countries be pressured to change their government if their policies are too restrictive?

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