Global Supply Chains


Please read the following instructions below carefully. Marks will be deducted if you do not follow the instructions:

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Global Supply Chains
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  1. The question will occupy 15% of the final course assessment.
  2. You should type your answer using MS Word (or other word processing software).
  3. You should write about 1,000 words. The word count does NOT include any figures, tables and list of references.
  4. All non-original sources must be fully cited.
  5. Please refer to the submission deadline in the course outline. You should e-mail a soft copy to him.


Amazon and Uber are two giants disrupting logistics through their signature projects: UberFreight,UberRush,Amazon Flex, Seller Flex, or the Amazon Prime Air program etc. Some scholars have argued that both are likely to fail in favor of traditional companies like FedEx and DHL, while others have made a strong case for Uber, and others Amazon.”

You should critically discuss the situation of the companies based on supply chain theories and real-world examples that have been discussed so far in class. Also, you should explain and justify why you (do/not) agree with the statement with one school of thinking. In the case that you do not agree with any at all, you should also propose what you think the future of logistics and supply chain will be.

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