global oil

EditingSensitivityTextBox 5X V fxABDEFGHKMNFuture Supply and Demand for Crude OilTo complete this project step, address the following:Daily US demand forDaily US supply of crudePrice per barrelcrude oil (in millions ofoil (in millions of barrels( As the global demand changes, we can observe this change graphicallybarrels per day) .per day) the global oil and gas market in a monopoly, oligopoly, or competitive economic model? Why? Support your statements with research and$30.0010.7references.$ as descriptive as possible and credit any sources you use.$$45.000.71$$$ from https://www.iea.org1213Show your work below.1415Question 1:16Oil Supply and Demand17$70.0018Supply and Demand GraphProfit Maximization+99%X1:27 PM

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global oil
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