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To prepare:Review Chapters 1-3 on the Americas in The World Today.Read Chapter 6 on Subsaharan Africa and North Africa/Southwest Asia in The World Today.Consider how changes in the environment have influenced the Americas (e.g., deforestation or climate change).Review pages 207-213 from your course text regarding the discovery of oil and its impact on the Southwest Asian region. Consider how oil has influenced parts of Subsaharan Africa and North Africa as well.Your recommendations to the script writing team need to include the following:Locations to film and highlight that illustrate the special themes for the week: The Americas (North, Middle, and South): Impact of the environment (e.g., deforestation or climate change).Subsaharan Africa and North Africa/Southwest Asia: Influence of oilFor each realm, pick at least one specific location that illustrates the special theme for each section. Write up your recommendations for the script writing team, sharing specific reasons why each location is interesting, compelling, or important. Be sure to relate each location to the special themes for the week.For each realm, include a map that clearly identifies each of your locations. You may want to use color coding or a legend.  Google Maps has several helpful editing tools that you can use to create your maps and identify your locations.  For each realm, include at least two representative screen shots from Google Street View that relate to each of your chosen locations.  If Street View images aren’t available, find some other visual images. For quick tips on how to create screen shots, see the document Creating Screen Shots in the Week 1 Resources area. Your completed Assignment should be 4–6 pages (Section 2: The Americas—2–3 pages; Section 3: Subsaharan Africa and North Africa/Southwest Asia—2–3 pages). Each section should include a map and 2 or more images (not included in page estimate).


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