Global Digital Business

Individual Presentation Assessment

Submission Date – Wednesday 13th January, 5pm

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Global Digital Business
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30% of Assessment mark

The Impact of the Internet on Business

Please critically evaluate the current relevance of this quote from Michael E. Porter that was first published 2001 and widely regarded at the time as counter intuitive to widespread media reports of the boom of the time.

“Caught up in the general fervor, many have assumed that the Internet changes everything, rendering all the old rules about companies and competition obsolete. That may be a natural reaction, but it is a dangerous one.”

(Porter, 2001)

Prepare a spoken Powerpoint presentation that that is 15 minutes of duration.

The expected content of the presentation must include a spoken presentation with

  • Your clear argument about the current relevance of Porter’s views
  • Approximately 8 slides of content
  • The final slide must contain between 10 – 20 references to your sources of evidence and opinion that justify your argument

To record your spoken presentation in Powerpoint please complete the following steps

  1. Type up your own slides (approximately 8)
  2. Click on ‘Insert’
  3. Click on ‘Audio’
  4. Click on ‘Record Audio’
  5. Click on RED circle to start recording
  6. Click on ‘Insert’ to add your recording to the Powerpoint file


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