Global Business Plan

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Global Business Plan: How Gap Would Do as a Business in France. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length.

The target market for jeans today includes more segments than in previous decades. Jeans were first worn in Paris, though quickly adapted to American lifestyles, particularly for those who worked in manufacturing, construction, farming, and other trades. Teens soon began wearing jeans as a fashion statement. In France, jeans are an integral part of a teen or young adult’s life. They are now worn to many events and for many occasions. Those who were teens in the 60s and 70s when jeans were first introduced have now rediscovered the various new options such as relaxed fit. In France, two separate segments of the clothing market can be distinguished.

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Global Business Plan
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For the 40+ and 50+ adults, the new features that accommodate natural changes in body contour are a welcome option to the skinny jeans or tight fight desired by the younger generation. ‘Relaxed fit’ styles are most in-demand for this segment, possibly with some variation in color offerings. This segment may not purchase as often as the younger segment, as they are accustomed to wearing other types of clothing for work, social functions, and other occasions. The moderate climate of France permits its residents to wear’ nearly every day of the year. Temperatures range from 28 to 45 degrees F in January. In July it ranges from 63 to 75 degrees F.

The segment that includes teens and young adults tends to select jeans with more variety in style and color.&nbsp. “Jeans in various colors like red, white and pink are in vogue” ( Singer Beyonce has also started designing her own line of clothing with her mother, to be offered by House of Dereon in Paris.&nbsp. This helps set the stage for American clothing companies to introduce their products in France. Young females often choose the ‘skinny jean,’ dressing them up with silks, satins, sweaters, or long jackets.&nbsp. This segment is budget-conscious, so pricing similar to Gap brands sold in the US is likely to be widely accepted in French culture, as an alternative to the more costly designer labels.&nbsp. Gap brands such as the Banana Republic and Old Navy offer variety in style, color, and price.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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