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1. How to Get your Essay Done – Introduction

Most people never go past the introduction. They will read the first paragraph then either go to the conclusion or give up. It is up to you to make such a person want to read past the introduction when you get your essay done. Your introduction must make them want to find out more about the subject at hand.

When you get your essay done, think of your introduction as the first interaction between two people. The first impression colors one’s idea of another. The first impression often determines if two people interact further. With that in mind, make your first impression a good one. Wow the reader such that they will be compelled to read some more whether or not they are interested in the subject.

When you meet a stranger or group of strangers, what do you do first? Introduce yourself, right? You want to make them know who you are. You want to familiarize them with you before you can have any meaningful conversation. When you get your essay done, an introduction serves the same purpose. It is meant to familiarize the reader with the subject before you delve any deeper. There are four main parts of an introduction: the hook, the background, the thesis statement, and the signpost.

  • The Hook
get your essay done
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When you met your closest friend, what was the thing that drew you to them at first? Was it their laughter? Was it something they said? Was it something they did? What is that thing that had you wanting to know this person better?

This is what the hook when you get your essay done is supposed to do. It is supposed to draw the reader deeper. As the name suggests, the hook is the opening part of the introduction that should have the reader sitting more comfortably to hear what you have to say.

It should be catchy and clear. Be careful about how you choose to get your essay done. Here is the thing about a good hook. It will motivate and energize you. When you have it right, you will feel it in your core and you will be so excited to write the essay you will not notice the hours falling back. A good way to hook the reader could be with an interesting quote from a philosopher or literary kingpin.

  • The Background

You know when you are telling a story and people keep stopping you to ask questions like- wait, how did you get there? Well, this happens because you did not provide a background. So explain how you got there before the reader has to wonder. This is the purpose of the second element of the introduction when you get your essay done. It is to prop the topic. The background part of the intro may contain a summary of relevant topics and a definition of key terms as well.

The background information can be historical, geographical, or social depending on the focus of your essay. For example, if you are writing an essay about the advancement of AI. You would provide information about when and where AI started. You want the reader to be able to trace the root before you give them the rundown.

Make sure that the background information chosen is both relevant and necessary. It is relevant if it is related to the topic. It is necessary if it adds value to the story and is not merely added to satisfy the reader’s wandering curiosity.

  • The Thesis Statement

The first and second parts of the introduction are meant to set the stage when you get your essay done. The thesis statement is the most crucial part of the intro paragraph. It is the part that will possibly stress you out the most. It is the part that will determine which path your essay takes. It will also be challenging to write because you will be required to summarize your entire essay in one statement or two. You might also have trouble with the wording. The wording needs to be a selection that best embodies your topic.

With all of that in mind, you should expect to be very anxious about the thesis statement when you get your essay done. It will be a part of particular interest to the reader. In fact, the reader might scan your introduction for the thesis statement only. Therefore, get your essay done well. Make sure that the content matches the thesis statement. Make sure that the material sufficiently supports the thesis statement. You might find yourself having completely changed the direction of the paper. In this case, rather than rewrite the paper consider rewriting the thesis statement.

Some writers wait until they have written the entire paper to write the thesis statement. This is beneficial in that it will come easy having interacted with the material at length. However, writing it beforehand is instrumental in keeping you on topic and focused on your intention. But, it is up to you. Choose whichever option works best for you.

The best way to develop a good thesis statement is to start with a question. Where does your curiosity or interest lie about a particular subject? The question should not have a simple conclusive answer. The next thing to do is to answer the question based only on what you know before researching. Your aim will be to expand that answer further. Your thesis statement should summarize the totality of your argument when you get your essay done.

There are two very important qualities you need in a thesis statement to get your essay done properly. The first is that it needs to be as short and sufficient as possible. Make it one or two statements long. The second quality is that it should not be a common well-known fact. It should be something that can start a debate. It should require some research and discussion to respond conclusively. The thesis statement may be the last part of your introduction unless you feel the need to add a signpost.

The Wrong Way to Get your Essay Done

get your essay done
Photo by Kind and Curious on Unsplash
  • Make it too long

Your introduction while incredibly important should not be the main part when you get your essay done. It should not be longer or even the same length as the body. A standard rule is to make it 10% of the overall word count. Writing a long introduction makes you seem like you do not have enough material to flesh up the body. A long introduction is also boring to read. It is possible for an introduction to be short too. Aim for that 10% sweet spot.

  • Be unsure of your steps

You must project confidence in your paper. If you are unsure of your standpoint, it will be reflected in your writing. You will be too fearful to do what you are meant to do. Your thesis statement is meant to be contentious and representative of your purpose to get your essay done. How do you expect to convincingly discuss your point of view if you are not confident?

Your confidence may be shaken by things like anxiety from the fear of bad grades. You could also be intimidated by some of the contrary opinions. However, if you have done god sufficient research, you should be fine. Your argument will be well supported.

  • Apologize

Never at any point when you get your essay done let the reader know that you are uncertain of what you are talking about. First, if you do not know what you are talking about you should not be writing an essay about it. Do not apologize for not being an authority on the matter or for having an unpopular stance on a matter. You have done your research to get your essay done. You have critically analyzed the information and data. Be stoic about where you stand. Be bold enough to deserve the reader’s attention. However, avoid being overly bold or contentious if you cannot provide more than enough evidence to back up your claim.

  • Spill everything in the introduction

The introduction is simply that. It is an initiation into the topic before you get your essay done. You should be very careful not to say so much in the introduction that you render the body unnecessary. This is why you need to keep it short. You can only go as far as hinting and implying. With that in mind, do not get too technical in the introduction. There should not be technical jargon or a graphical representation of anything. Save the discussions and technical stuff for the body.

  • Use a dictionary or encyclopedia definition

Starting your essay with a dictionary definition of anything makes you seem unoriginal and lacking in creativity. It shines you in a bad light. In fact, you might lose the reader at this point. Go ahead and find out what words mean. But then, craft your own definition. It shows you understood and keeps the reader from wondering why you could not rephrase, at the very least.

2. How to Get your Essay Done- Body

The body is where everything goes down. It is the fleshiest part of the essay. This is where you really get your essay done. This is where you prove that you were in your bold stance for or against something. It should be laden with arguments and evidence to support those arguments. Depending on the length of the essay, you may have one or numerous body paragraphs.

  • Before you Touch the Body…

Before you start writing your body paragraphs, make sure that your research is well organized. Organizing your research will ensure that you will not need to interrupt your thought process to find one piece of information. This way you will get your essay done quickly.

You should have an outline. The outline will be most important when you get your essay done. You should create it immediately after the research but before you start on the paper. An outline is like the frame of a house. Contractors will usually create the frame first so that they know where all the mortar should go among other materials. It is a guideline to keep you on topic and on the right path. However, your outline is not set in stone.

You should write in two stages, the first and second drafts. The first draft is meant to get all the main ideas out of the way. Write it all out guided by the outline. Do not aim for perfection. Aim for a full presentation of your ideas. When done, work to clarify your arguments and make sure your evidence is sufficiently supportive.

  • Parts of the Body
get your essay done
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence, evidence then the concluding part. You should keep in mind the functions and components of the three main parts of the body.

The first part to get your essay done is the topic sentence. In academic essays, the topic sentence appears at the beginning of the body paragraph. A topic sentence is kind of like a mini-thesis statement. It is a sentence that gives the reader an idea of what the paragraph is all about. Try to relate the topic sentences with the thesis statement. This can be done by using a keyword from the thesis statement in the topic sentence. Try not to be too obvious about it though. It will make you seem like you are trying too hard.

Then comes the evidence. This is the middle part of a body paragraph. It provides evidence then explains the evidence. It is not enough to have evidence. The evidence must be relevant to the subject of discussion. It must also support your argument. It must make a point. You can use words like- affirms, says, posits, suggests etc. For example, Sigmund Freud suggested that there are three aspects to the brain; Id, ego, and superego.

The final part to get your essay done is the conclusion of the body paragraph. This is not to be confused with the main essay conclusion. The conclusion should sum up the paragraph in a few words. It should also provide a transition into the next paragraph. If you provide more evidence in the conclusion, you are not concluding, you are still in the middle part.

3. How to Get your Essay Done – Conclusion

In simple terms, an essay conclusion is the final part to get your essay done. It is the curtain call and the bow. It is the mic drop. Your conclusion is meant to get your essay done completely. This is where you demonstrate that you accurately and sufficiently supported your thesis statement with fact-based arguments.

In many cases, a person will only read the introduction then jump to the conclusion. If there is some data, they might stop by there and peruse. But, the conclusion is the clincher. It is what most people will remember about how you get your essay done. So, if you do not make it stand out then you might not achieve what you set out to do with your essay.

Use the introduction as a guide for your conclusion. You may use a keyword from the introduction or some parallel concepts to get your essay done. Never present a new argument in the conclusion. If it is good enough, relevant, and well supported, go ahead and add it to the body paragraphs. The conclusion is not a personal statement so unless you were writing a narrative essay, avoid using the first person narrative. Feel free to speculate, make a recommendation or make a bold statement.

 What to Include in a Conclusion

There are three main parts of a conclusion. The first part is a restated thesis statement. This reminds the reader of the essay’s purpose. For example,

Thesis statement in the introduction: Anyone found guilty of rape should be subjected to mob justice over a period of years.

Restatement in the conclusion: Rape is cruel and the punishment for it should be just as cruel if not more.

In this example, the keyword- Rape- has been used to tie the conclusion to the introduction. The thesis statement has been said in a different way.

The middle part is a summary of the body. The body paragraph is very detailed. By the time they get to the last body paragraph, they might have forgotten what was in the first. This summary helps them focus on the main arguments.

The final part is the last word to get your essay done. It is the thought-provoking tidbit that will leave the reader satisfied but also thinking. To expand the above example, the closing line could be- if we do not match the punishment to the magnitude of the crime, can we ever really rid the society of rapists?

It helps to play the ‘so what?’ game. This is a technique that helps you write a conclusive ending. Restate your thesis statement then ask yourself- so what? You will then answer with a summary of the arguments in the body paragraph. Ask again- so what? This will help you get your essay done in a way that really completes the essay.

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