Genetic Family History

The Genogram (Pedigree) itself is a diagram that maps out family members, their relationships, and their health issues. Some of the essential parts of the paper include:1. The Genogram chart2. The Key to the chart that explains each symbol3. A brief description of each family member’s information. (usually in essay form)4. A cover page and reference list. (include your text as a reference)Please refer to chapter 9 of the text because it has great information on designing your genogram.Genetic Family History (30%) Conduct a genetic family history (including an appropriate multi-generational family history). Create a genogram with a minimum of 3 generations reflected. Students must create a comprehensive genetic history including illness, deaths, genetic conditions, hereditary patterns, mental and physical diagnoses, marriages, divorces, etc. Text Schaefer, G. B., & Thompson, J. N. (2014). Medical genetics: An integrated approach. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN-10: 9780071664387See uploaded text if needed. Plese email for any additional info. Jacobs family, african american, the rest can be fictional, i am in my late 40s


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