Fundamentals of Stocks


Learning Outcome: Fundamentals of Stocks

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Fundamentals of Stocks
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Reference: Reading assignments, posted recorded lectures and research on Finance sites

  1. In your own words describe how each parameter is calculated and what does it mean for investing : 50 points
  1. Earnings per share (EPS)
  2. Market Cap
  3. PE ratio
  4. Price to book ratio
  5. PEG ratio
  6. PEGY ratio
  7. Large Cap versus small cap companies ( give couple if example of each , names of companies and current market cap)
  8. Which is more volatile, large cap or small cap stocks, explain why?

Which has higher beta, a large value cap stock or growth stock? Provide example with company names and BETA for each)

  1. What does Beta measure?
  2. Which has higher BETA, large cap stock or growth stock? Provide examples; company names and Beta value.
  1. Use Income statement shown below and calculate : Current Market cap, PE ratio, Earnings per share, Dividend yield ,PEG ratio and PEGY ratio ( 30 points)
Total Revenue25,878,372  
Cost of Revenue18,521,400  
Gross Profit7,356,972  
 Operating Expenses
 Research Development–  
 Selling General and Administrative4,250,446  
 Non Recurring–  
 Total Operating Expenses–  
Operating Income or Loss3,106,526  
 Income from Continuing Operations
 Total Other Income/Expenses Net–  
 Earnings Before Interest And Taxes3,106,526  
 Interest Expense29,175  
 Income Before Tax3,077,351  
 Income Tax Expense1,170,664  
 Minority Interest–  
 Net Income From Continuing Ops1906687
Net Income1,906,687  
Current Outstanding shares 4,800,000
Expected Earnings growth % 12.00 %
Dividend $ per share $ 1.5
Current stock price $ 50
Current Market Cap ?Each ? is 5 points
Dividend yield ?
PE ratio ?
PEG ratio ?
PEGY ratio?

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