Fundamentals of Contract Management/Administration Case

Writing a ContractIf A says to B “I will repair your house” and B makes no promise in return, there is no agreement. If B says, “I will pay you $1000”, then there is still no agreement. Why? Because it takes two to make an agreement. An agreement involves an exchange of promises or goods. A has not yet agreed to accept $1000 for doing the work. If A says, “I will accept $1000”, there is agreement on price, but is there a contract?Unless there is agreement on all the essential terms, the law does not recognize the existence of a contract. Is there an agreement on the actual work to be done to repair the house? It may be that A and B know exactly what work is necessary, for example repair of a leak in the roof. In that event, the actual work to be performed is agreed upon and there may be a contract.Now suppose you are working for Capitol Home Improvement, LLC, and one client is interested in having the roof repaired for the house. You are responsible for writing a contract and having it signed by both parties. You are welcome to add more details to make the contract as complete as possible.Turn in a paper of 1 to 2 pages (page count does not include cover or reference list) for this contract. Consult the background information and include all necessary components for the contract. References:Massey, I. (2008). Risk management for contracts. Civil Engineering: Magazine of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering, 16(1), 34., J. Rodney (2003) Contracting for Project Management. Gower Publishing Limited. ISBN: 0566085291.

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Fundamentals of Contract Management/Administration Case
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