Functions of Hobart Meat Slicer

The Hobart 2912 Automatic Meat Slicer Midterm Equipment Speech Today, I will be going into detail of how to use the Hobart 2912 automatic meat slicer. The main purpose of this object is to slice food items to your personal preference or thickness. It is important that all of the operating parts are in their correct positions before the product is in use. There are ten compartments that make up the meat slicer. They are the top knife cover, fence, carriage tray, retaining clip, meat grip, carriage tray handles, index knob, switch knob, gauge plate, and the latch knob.
The operation of this product manually is pretty simple you just have to be very careful being that the slicer does have blades that will cut if you don’t use the product correctly. You must first make sure the gauge plate is closed; pull the carriage toward you until it stops. Next, you make sure the meat grip is out of the way and place the product that you plan on slicing on to the carriage tray. You then adjust the fence by loosening the thumb screw and sliding the fence close to the product and then tighten the thumb screw back up. After that, you set the meat grip against the product.
Before plugging up the slicer, make sure the lever is positioned in manual. If you do not need the meat grip slide it to the top of its travel and rotate it under the carriage tray so it will not interfere with the slicing process. You then adjust the gauge plate by turning the knob to the desired thickness. The numbers on the knob are not approximate and are used only as guidelines. You turn the slicer on by using the switch knob until it turns on and then letting it go. Use the carriage tray to push the carriage back and forth manually to cut the product. You turn the product off by using the switch gauge as well.

To operate this product automatically, you do the following. You rotate the speed selector dial to desired speed making sure the carriage is in a stable position. Make sure the level is in the manual position and pointing downward. You then rotate the lever to automatic. Any of the six speed selections can be used on automatic and adjusted at any time by rotating the dial. When you clean the slicer you should always make sure the slicer is unplugged. Remove the carriage plate and hand wash with a mild detergent and make sure you try the slicer completely. Pull on the black lock-nut to release the blade cover for washing.
Make sure you are very careful with the blade cover because the edges are sharp. Turn the thickness dial counter clockwise this helps you cover more of the blade for cleaning. A soft cloth and mild detergent will get the job done when cleaning the blade and other items that can be taken apart, make sure you dry and reassemble after you wash. The manual provides you with helpful safety precautions that I mentioned throughout this detailed explanation. I hope this information was helpful to you and gave you information on how to use the Hobart 2912 Meat Slicer.

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Functions of Hobart Meat Slicer
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