Foundation of law and ethics

Answer the following questions:  Answer should be 150 words, not more or less.  

1. Legal Sanctions
(a)Why are legal sanctions important in a property-based legal system?
(b)What is the difference between a sanction and a remedy?

2.  As a business management executive, how can you foster productivity and profitability by managing the company’s exposure to risk and liability? (150 words}

3.   Compare America’s courts with other courts.  What types of court systems do other countries use?  Compare and contrast citizen rights and access to the courts.  {150 words}

4.  What issues must you “anticipate” in your company’s business?   What clauses does your business consider “a must” before a contract can be reached?{150 words}

5.  U.S constitution supreme law of the land:
a.  What provisions of the Constitution are important to you? Why? {150 words}
b.  What provisions of the Constitution are important for U.S. business? Why? {150 words}
c.  What provisions of the Constitution apply to your business or a company that you know? How so?{150 words}

6.  why is commercial speech limited?  Please describe some of the types of speech analyzed by Cheeseman? {150 words}


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