For the following question, write an essay response.

For the following question, write an essay response. You must include APA7th ed. formatted sources in support of your essay in text and full references at the end to receive credit for your answer. Further — you must use Required Readings to receive full credit.


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For the following question, write an essay response.
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YOUR ESSAY IS BASED ON THESE FACTS: George and Sophia are entrepreneurs who together own a limited liability company, SOPhiGEo, LLC. They are inventors and have invented a widget that can be plugged into a mobile phone or personal computer to detect unsolicited third party access of camera and/or audio recording features on the equipment and block it with a repeating loop of nonsense gibberish that can be stopped only by the widget’s primary user. This widget has a proprietary design and operating code. SOPhiGEo is calling it “LoktYU.”

ESSAY: Write an essay providing the following:

Identify and define the three types of intellectual property (IP) that SOPhiGEo needs to put in place to protect its interest in LoktYU. Be specific as to which aspect(s) of the invention will be protected by each type of IP. Further, explain how each type of IP is obtained and maintained, and how long the protection of each lasts.

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