for john mureithi

APA style establishes ground rules for how you document the sources of quotations, paraphrased information, statistics, and illustrations (graphs, tables, pictures, if any) you use in your paper. APA style employs “in-text citations,” which use parentheses to indicate where outside resources have been used to inform your writing, and the citations direct your reader to those sources. Citing your sources clearly and correctly is essential. Why is it important to document the sources of your information? How might poorly or inaccurately cited sources affect the impact of your argument paper?

The University Library provides guides on how to use APA style, as well as a citation generator that will automatically format citations for both the body of your essay and for your reference page. Enter your sources into the APA citation generator. When we have tools like this to assist us, why is it still important to understand the rules of APA formatting?

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for john mureithi
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Read the following scenario, and formulate the response you might give the parent:50 word count

A parent of one your students is questioning your use of manipulatives in the classroom. They think using manipulatives is too simplistic and that the child is not learning the concepts needed to count. What might you say to this parent to justify your use of manipulatives? Share your response, and explain your reasoning.

Do you think that students should be proficient in addition before learning multiplication? Explain your answer. 50 word count


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