following article McDonalds Marketing and Promotional Activities

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In the United States, McDonald’s is considered responsible for the increasing rate of obesity in the country and is alleged of promoting unhealthy food products and thus it has created a threat for the company. For the effective sustainability of the company, it is essential to adopt an effective marketing strategy that would promote healthy food products as well as the health risks from their consumption (Currie, Vigna, Moretti and Pathania 1-41). McDonald’s is taking steps to enhance its image by promoting healthy foods.

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following article McDonalds Marketing and Promotional Activities
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McDonald’s is among the largest fast-food companies that operate all over the world having its headquarter in the United States. For the past several years, the company is facing several issues regarding its marketing strategy as well as harmful impacts on the people due to the consumption of their fast food. It has been found through surveys that a higher percentage of obesity all over the world including the United States is caused due to increasing rate of consumption of fast food. This is creating a threat to McDonald’s brand image in the USA. However, McDonald’s is using various marketing strategies to promote its food as healthy.&nbsp.

Obesity is generally a metabolic disorder through which excess fat is accumulated in the body that negatively affects the health condition of an individual, leading to other chronic diseases. The level of obesity is measured with the help of the Body Mass Index (BMI) and an individual in the Western countries is considered obese if his/her BMI exceeds 30 kg/m2. The reason for the increasing rate of obesity in the United States is considered due to the high intake of fast food and less physical activity. However, the government of the United States considered McDonald’s as the main culprit for the increasing rate of obesity in the country and implemented various policies for restricting the marketing activities that would make fool of the people. In the year 2003, two obesity suits were made against the company regarding the promotion of unhealthy fast food products.

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