Follow the assignment description listed below

Question #1

Consider your desired career, and think about some stereotypes associated with it. Incorporate at least 2 resources to show you have conducted research on your selected stereotype, and use those resources to help you add to and back up your statements. Support or refute those stereotypes. Respond to the following questions: 

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Follow the assignment description listed below
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  • Describe the stereotypes associated with your desired career. Be specific, and explain why you think those stereotypes exist.
  • Do you know anyone who fits the stereotype? Do you know someone who does not fit the stereotype? 
  • Using outside resources, either support or refute the stereotypes that are associated with your career choice.
  • Discuss how someone might stereotype you and how you can overcome this. 

Question #2

Compare educational achievement by race. Answer the following questions:

  • Summarize and interpret the tables from the  2010 Census Bureau that give statistics on educational attainment for Caucasians, African-Americans, and Hispanics in 2013. Explain specifically what the educational attainment levels are by race.
  • Discuss the differences in the number of people from each race who completed higher education.
  • Explain why these differences exist based on what you have learned this week.
  • Analyze the differences in educational attainments by using at least 2 resources to add to and support your statements.

If you have any question please let me know. 


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