firms marketing opportunities

I will do the audio.Adaptable Home Products Company (AHP) is a new home products company that  uses technology to enhance convenience in regular home products including furniture to    accommodate those with disabilities and physical challenges.  This brand new startup company has just hired you on as one of three new marketing    product line managers reporting to the marketing director. Several years in the planning,  the start-up is now becoming operational. The founders are technology  entrepreneurs/engineers and a former financial director. They have many enthusiastic  investors who appreciate the founders experience and innovation. Besides hiring based  on specific qualifications for the particular job, they only hire marketing professionals  who have technology or rehabilitation/medial supply marketing expertise. They allow the  first two weeks at the company for intensive training concerning their technology and  processes to become thoroughly familiar with the products. The advertising is done via  magazines and streaming television programs and the company website.  All production is done within the United States (U.S.), and regional mechanical    engineers (who have been trained by AHP) install the products if needed, once they are  shipped. Either Installers National Franchise Co. installers for the largest (Product #3)    items, and local or other regional installers.    The founders want to keep the company relatively small in staff but with a potentially  global market. The headquarters is located outside of Scottsdale, Arizona as well as  their production facilities (which predominantly uses robots for actual production work)  and large warehouse are ADA compliant and they hire veterans when possible.  The mission of the company is: We make quality home products to help improve lives  anywhere.  The objectives, according to the executives of AHP, are:  ∙ Create products that are attractive, affordable, and better enable customer use.  ∙ Design quality products harnessing technology that makes peoples’ lives easier.  The department has hired you as one of three new marketing product line managers  (you can read the general product manager job duties).  Product line 1. Furniture (push button adjustable height (1) arm chairs, (2) sofas, (3)  entertainment centers, and (4) kitchen tables that with push of a button adjust height    along with optional adjustable chairs.  Product line 2. Kitchen Appliances: (1) Adjustable table top small ovens that defrost,  cook, and deliver the meal to table with push of a button (sensors determine  defrost/cooking times); (2) refrigerator/freezers that upon selection place the frozen item  in the table top oven (when bought in tandem); (3) two-sided dishwashers that can send  out clean dishes from one side and retrieve dirty ones to the other; (4) cookpots that  auto-cook stews and sauces by cutting and sautéing ingredients placed in to “feed tube”  and then cooking over low heat for several hours.  1 Product line 3. Adjustable Screens: (1) Television (consumer); (2) computer  monitors; Business to Business line: (3) tablet and cell, and (4) industrial monitors of all  types that adjust to light, time of day, and visual needs of the viewer while protecting  their eyes from harmful light.  *Disclaimer: The organization and characters depicted in this exercise are fictional. Any resemblance to  real organizations or individuals is purely coincidental. This exercise may include actual companies and  brand names solely for instructional purposes; this exercise is not associated with any such actual  company or brand name. All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.  AHP Company Structure:  Finance/  Ac:c:ountins  Direc:tor(S  reports)  Director  (3 reports:  Sales  Manasen)  President/  CEO(Z  reports)  AHP corporate  structure: 46  employees to  date  2 

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firms marketing opportunities
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