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The table of content 2

Contents 2

Introduction to the project 4

Objectives 4

The project description 6

The technology and competitors 7

The technological solutions 9

The first technology 9

The second technology 10

The recommendations 10

The technology solution 11

The overall benefit of this technology 11

The basic security considerations 13

The security features. 13

The third-party vendors 13

The internal safeguards 14

Conclusion 14

References 15Introduction to the project

In this paper, I will be using Finder Keepers clothing company that began in 2007, located in Australia. The company is specialized in producing women’s clothes, and handbags, among other products. To expand their customer base, they have tapped out on the local businesses. The company is currently making online sales with a website where clients are able to browse different products that are displayed together with their prices. These items are available on their website for the whole day, and anyone can make orders; this has not only increased their sales but also improved the customer experience. For the company to more innovative technologically, it will have to implement some changes. It includes knowledge management and big data where they will be able to understand the current fashion and trends in the clothing industry so as to predict what is needed by clients. There is also a need to come up with live inventory for customers to make live purchases. (Budge, K. (2019)

The business requirementsObjectives

The Finder Keepers clothing company requires to make more internet expansion since the current markets are dynamic. The core aim of this project is to come up with an appropriate online store where customers will be able to make purchase items faster and in an automated way, which does not require human to human interaction. (Ferrero-Regis, T. (2020)The project description

In order for the Finder Keepers clothing company to survive this market that is dynamic, they have to move to online sales and implement it better. The main aim of this final project is to come up with an online store where potential clients will be able to browse and access clothing and other accessories that are displayed together with purchasing them automatically. The company will also be informed about when they should restock their items.

For this to be achieved as required, it will be important for Finder Keepers clothing company to upgrade the technology being used; thus, they have to procure a need inventory system. This system will be important because it will track all the items that are available for sales and those that are not available together with reporting on the current fashion and trends in the market for necessary adjustments. The system will have to be highly flexible since it will be capable of adding or removing items from the store as purchases are being made. (Traver, C. G. (2016)

There is a need to also have an application, which will include; android, widows, and iMac applications, where all users will be able to easily install them on either their computers or smartphones. The clients will be able to access the inventory directly from their mobile phones. There will also be a full-service website that will be similar to the application where they can make similar purchases. There will be a need to incorporate a new payment system on the website and application. The system will also be capable of accepting all payment modes such as cash, cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and cash on the pick-up point and so on. When there are more payment ways, it means that the customers will be able to access the products better.The technology and competitors

There are other companies that are more developed and have customer loyalty that is better to that of Finder Keepers clothing company; they include; the Ragged Priest, and Monki which are not only nationally recognized but also internationally. These companies have been able to expand internationally using the internet, where customers can access their products easily. These organizations have been able to specialize in having clothing with name brands at relatively lower prices, which has made them competitive. (Nabilou, H. (2019)

Potential customers are able to install applications on their smartphones and computers, which has encouraged them to browse and purchase products; they are also able to browse through the commodities available. These applications are accessible from any part of the globe; after choosing the products that one wants to purchase, there are diverse payment methods such as PayPal, cash on delivery, and so on. When making payments, customers do not enter their private information, which creates confidence in them since they are not afraid of leakage, which is associated with giving numerous sites your information. The two companies have used their local retail shops to improve the experience of online purchases where after purchasing online, users are allowed to return these products to a local shop if they do meet their description, which has reduced the shipment costs. (Laukkanen, T. (2018)

The other competitor to Finder Keepers clothing company is Princess Highway, which is a designer company which uses an online platform to make their sales to potential clients. Their items are diverse a thousand available for ready sales; they specialize in finding the correct item to the correct person where; they have used machine learning to come up with a comprehensive catalog of items out of the search engines, all these items are awarded a score. This score is used to the items with their customers, which is associated with their shopping history and search results. This system ensures that customers easily find what they have been looking for in the shortest time, which has increased their overall sales to thirty-four percent, according to information released last year.

The Finder Keepers Company has implemented technology in such a way that it has increased their sales, led to efficiency and more production, by the use of machine learning technological advancement, they can do it. The style used by this company would not have worked if there were no algorithms implemented to access items faster. If possible, Finder Keepers clothing company would use this technology of machine learning to understand their trends and fashion, search results and history of purchases, which will increase sales. (Duffield, E. (2018).The technological solutions

To meet its goals and increase the overall sales, the Finder Keepers clothing company need to implement the following technologies; knowledge management and electronic commerce. When this is appropriately integrated into their systems, there is a guarantee that more customers will access their website and purchase required items.The first technology

The initial technology that can be utilized by the organization is knowledge management, where big data analysis can be used in predicting and anticipating trends, fashion and customer needs. This technology will help Finder Keepers clothing company in; pricing of products, ordering and placement of products. This will also be used in sorting the website information and giving faster information to the clients. With big data analysis, they are able to predict what customers will purchase in the future, which will put them ahead to rival companies. There is also knowledge management which will help them in tracking iterations from the customer to the company where this information will be analyzed in order to predict the future. (Pellicelli, A. C. (2019)The second technology

The other technology that can be used by Finder Keepers clothing company is mobile computing which potential customers can access faster and easier. When the organization come up with an application that can be used on smartphones and computers, they are able to easily install them on their devices and be able to shop directly and brose items when required. This application can also be used as a reference for physical stores. Other interfaces can be used such as clover which tracks inventories and give reports of productions and sales which can be implemented in Finder Keepers clothing company website. (Lim, S. F. W. (2018)The recommendations

The recommendation to Finder Keepers clothing company is to include mobile applications to their ecommerce which will improve the customer’s experience; the company should also track inventories, which involves tracking of previously sold items to ensure their stock is in required levels. (Ventures, C. (2017).The technology solution

For the case of Finder Keepers clothing company, clover payment solution is the best to ensure that mobile computing system suits their needs. This will include upgrading of both physical and online stores. It will enhance the customer’s experience and also handle customer’s information safely. The solution will also track the order history and ensure that all digital receipts of all transactions are emailed to the customers for both online and local stores.

Clover solution will accept all payment methods made to the company that includes; cryptocurrencies, credit cards, cash on delivery and so on there will also be other functions such as swap and chip. The management of Finder Keepers clothing company will be able to track the system’s activities and solve problems that arise in real-time.The overall benefit of this technology

Finder Keepers clothing company is going to note diverse benefits by having one system where every transaction is identified such as the inventory, tracking of customers and processing of payments. This solution will ensure that customers from any geographical location benefits since they can access sites and use any payment method. The clients will be able to track their purchase history together with having emailed receipts of all payments made previously. The system will be able to come up with reports of everything that was reordered or sold. (Zhou, M. (2017)The basic security considerations

When coming up with upgraded technology in an organization, it is important to first consider security where Finder Keepers clothing company has to ensure that information of clients is well protected against being leaked or hacked thus being exposed to the public. Lately there have been increased cases of cyber security issues where private information has been stolen from companies this has made them lose client’s trust, face lawsuits among other problems. According to American information, when a company is hacked, it goes out of business in the first six months, while sixty-two percent of small businesses are potential attack victims.The security features.

To ensure information at Finder Keepers clothing company is well protected, it should be compliant with PCI regulations and be encrypted. The system that I recommend for encryption is a point to point, which will ensure that even if the data is stolen or hacked, then the hacker will not understand its contents. There is a need to have a backup and recovery plan, which will be sued in case of a system failure. (Gupta, B. B. (2018).The third-party vendors

When Finder Keepers clothing company is considering its venders for the project, they should give special attention to security. A good example is clover solution that will ensure data and information is well protected and a POS system encrypts data. There will be system protection to ensure that no one accesses the organization’s data.The internal safeguards

To ensure that systems are and data is secure as required, it is important to ensure all employees are well trained to handle the system and keep it secure. Employees should be well informed of the ways to ensure that all information is well protected and risks of not doing it. They should also be able to recognize potential malware and phishing emails. The other way to safeguard information is to ensure that there is back up of all transactions made and customer information to be used in cases of system failure. (Taylor, P. J. (2020)Conclusion

In conclusion my project has been handling Finder Keepers clothing company, which manufactures women’s clothes together with other accessories. The company needs to come up with mobile applications, which will not only increase its access but also sales. Which coming up with this application, the company should consider security and modes of payment, which will provide several alternatives for customers while making sales.References

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Gupta, B. B. (2018). Computer and cyber security: principles, algorithm, applications, and perspectives. CRC Press.


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