Final Project Suggested Headings Outline

Please note that the heading outline below uses APA style seventh edition.

Student Paper Heading Levels, APA Style 7th Edition

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Final Project Suggested Headings Outline
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The heading outline starts on the next page. Replace the bracketed text in this outline with the relevant information.Milestone One Framing the Issue

Description of Related Public Health Effort

[Information]Associated Prevention Level(s) [Information]

Relevant Health Service(s)

[Information]Public Health Significance

Alignment With Healthy People Objective(s)


Population Health Factors

[Information]Evolution of the Issue

Timeline to Current State


Changes in Health Status

[Information]Milestone Two Historical Perspectives

Perspective From the Year [####]

[Summary and comparison to other perspectives]

Perspective From the Year [####]

[Summary and comparison to other perspectives]

Perspective From the Year [####]

[Summary and comparison to other perspectives]Population Health Perspectives

[Brief summary explaining why CSDH would be used]

CSDH Element 1: Socioeconomic and Political Contexts

[Introduction to upcoming subsections]

Governance. [Explain context in 1 to 3 sentences.]

Macroeconomic Policy. [Explain context in 1 to 3 sentences.]

Social Policies. [Explain context in 1 to 3 sentences.]

Public Policies. [Explain context in 1 to3 sentences.]

Cultural and Societal Values. [Explain context in 1 to 3 sentences.]

Epidemiologic Conditions. [Explain context in 1 to 3 sentences.]

CSDH Element 2: Structural Determinants and Socioeconomic Position

[Introduction to upcoming subsections]

Analysis of Socioeconomic Position.

Social Stratification. [Brief summary on how wealth (i.e., economic situation), prestige (i.e., status situation), or power (i.e., parties—political, agenda-centered) may connect to the public health issue or intervention (and population or community)]

Social Differentiation. [Explain how wealth, prestige, or power may affect health outcomes.]

CSDH Element 3: Intermediary Determinants

[Introduction for upcoming subsections]

Material Circumstances. [2 to 4 sentences]

Behavioral and Biological Factors. [2 to 4 sentences]

Psychosocial Circumstances. [2 to 4 sentences]

Health System. [2 to 4 sentences]

Connecting the CSDH Elements to Health Equity

[Introduction to upcoming subsections]

CSDH Elements and Related Health Disparities. [2 to 4 sentences]

CSDH Elements and Related Health Determinants. [Summary; please note that this section is for “health determinants,” not merely “social determinants”]

CSDH Elements and Proximal/Distal Determinants.

Proximal (or “Downstream”) Determinants. [2 to 4 sentences]

Distal (or “Upstream”) Determinants. [2 to 4 sentences]

CSDH Elements and Modifiable/Non-Modifiable Determinants.

Modifiable Determinants. [2 to 4 sentences]

Non-Modifiable Determinants. [2 to 4 sentences]Achieving Health Equity

[Summarize the concept of achieving health equity as related to this issue/population.]

Challenges With Achieving Health Equity


Social Ecological Model and Health Equity

[Information]Theoretical Underpinnings

Theory/Concept/Framework/Model Name


Theory/Concept/Framework/Model Name

[Information]Relevant Stakeholders and Their Contributions

Primary Stakeholder Example


Secondary Stakeholder Example


Key Stakeholder Example

[Information]Milestone Three Analysis of Prior Public Health Strategies

Strategy A [2- to 5-word title]


Strategy B [2- to 5-word title]


Strategy C [2- to 5-word title]


Strengths and Weaknesses of Prior Strategies

[Information]Analysis of Relevant Systems, Settings, and Evidence-Based Practices

Systems and Settings


Agencies and Their Contributions


Use of Evidence-Based Practices



Suggestions for Continued Improvement

Proposed Coalition (Final Project Section IV)

[Introduce the proposed coalition as an approach focused on the “future outlook” of the issue/population.]Stakeholder Analysis for Proposed Coalition

Primary Stakeholders for Proposed Coalition

[Summary of at least two primary stakeholders]

Secondary Stakeholders for Proposed Coalition

[Summary of at least two secondary stakeholders]

Key Stakeholders for Proposed Coalition

[Summary of at least two key stakeholders]Coalition Structure

[Brief introduction]Vision Statement [Information] Mission Statement [Information] Purpose Statement [Information] Roles and Responsibilities [Information] Conclusion (Final Project Section V) Connecting the Issue, Population/Community, and the Proposed Coalition

[Summarize connection(s).]Implications for Future Practice

[Summarize how this informs the practicing public health professional.]

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