Final Project—Scope Definition

You will be starting the final project, which will continue through the five weeks of this course, this week. As the first step, read the Final Project Description.

Ajax Digital Information has encountered some recent employee problems that would have been prevented with a proper code of computer conduct and ethics in place. They have hired you to develop the rules and guidelines for internal and external corporate communications, specifically focused on the technology usage within the organization.

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Final Project—Scope Definition
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As part of your responsibility, you now have to develop a detailed code of ethics for the organization covering general aspects of ethical computing in the first week and then go on to develop rules and guidelines in all the areas that would be covered in the lectures during each subsequent week.

For this assignment, you must include the following:

  • A purpose statement for the code of ethics, including why it is needed and why it is beneficial to both the organization and the employees
  • A Table of Contents or list of topics that you will complete and fill-in during subsequent weeks. This should be an outline that you feel addresses all of the necessary ethical topics – you can change this as you progress but this should be a substantial effort to encompass all of the necessary areas. View the Final Project Document and at the topics covered throughout the course to get ideas for your Table of Contents.

Final Project Description Title: Developing organizational guidelines for ethics and IT Rationale: The users of an IT company are more likely to face ethical issues related to information and resources. Developing organizational guidelines for ethics and IT will allow you to implement what you have learned during each week. This project will help you practically apply your knowledge in a real-life scenario. This will ensure that you can develop and implement an actual set of guidelines after you finish this course. Description of the Company/Case: Ajax Digital Information (ADI), which was recently started, is a consulting company having 25 employees who use IT extensively for internal and external communication, data storage, and data retrieval. All employees of the company have Internet access for e-mail services and Internet research. They have recently encountered some issues of employees abusing computing privileges. Since there are currently no guidelines in place, the company is unable to address the situation appropriately. There is a dedicated file server to store data for all users. Users inside the Company can access this data through an intranet. Remote users can access this data using Internet Information Server (IIS) from their laptops and mobile devices. Scope of the Project: You are required to develop rules and guidelines that cover the areas as outlined in each week’s assignment below. Role of the student You are required to study each lecture and assigned textbook chapter thoroughly and use these to create guidelines. Supporting Documents/Samples URLs for research are given in weekly lectures. You are also required to research these guidelines and practices on your own using the Internet and the South University Library.

 Weekly Assignments Week 1 This week’s final project deliverable is a preamble or statement of purpose for a set of ethical guidelines that will comprise the organizational guidelines. This would be followed by the outline of titles for the sections that will make up the completed guidelines for ethical practices in your report. In each of the next weeks you will be providing the specifics of each section in your outline and revising the work from the previous week. 

Week 2 In this week you will develop detailed guidelines for the prevention of computer abuse and guidelines for computer and network usage within the company. 

Week 3 In this week you will develop guidelines for accessing content from the Internet and email usage as well as guidelines for prevention and protection againstITS1103: Ethics and Information Technology EDMC All rights reserved Page 2 of 2 viruses and other forms of malware. This week you will review the work of your classmates and provide feedback on their efforts as well as taking feedback on your own. 

Week 4 In this week you have to develop guidelines for the usage of licensed software and shareware as well as the prevention of software piracy. 

Week 5 In this week you will develop guidelines relating to privacy in the workplace and workplace monitoring. You will also develop guidelines for professional responsibilities in an organization related to identifying and resolving ethical issues in IT. Final Project Grading Criteria The following criteria will be included along with the specific items to address in the grading of each week’s deliverable. Project Definition/Scope  This should be clear and express the need for policies relating to ethics in the organization as well as what will be accomplished by the implementation of these policies. Topic Sections  Identify the needs that motivate each section.  Outline the acceptable and prohibited practices for each included section. Effective Writing  Grammar  Spelling  Sentence structure  Word choice/vocabulary – show a clear understanding of course content  Content – addresses the assignment specifics  Organized – introduction, body, conclusion  Readable – a well formatted Word document

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