Final paper Literary Analysis

Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources

Source typeWhat is it?ExamplesBest used for
ScholarlyA source written by scholars or academics in a field. The purpose of many scholarly sources is to report on original research or experimentation in order to make such information available to the rest of the scholarly community. The audience for scholarly sources is other scholars or experts in a field. Scholarly sources include references and usually use language that is technical or at a high reading level.*Note: Different databases may define “scholarly” in slightly different ways, and thus a source that is considered “scholarly” in one database may not be considered “scholarly” in another database. The final decision about the appropriateness of a given source for a particular assignment is left to the instructor.Scholarly JournalsJournal of Management Information SystemsAmerican Journal of Public HealthEarly Childhood Research QuarterlyScholarly Books (published by a university press or other high-quality publisher)Shari’a Politics: Islamic Law and Society in the Modern WorldThe Grand Design: Strategy and the U.S. Civil WarThe Hidden Mechanics of Exercise: Molecules That Move UsJournal articles:Recent research on a topicVery specific topics or narrow fields of researchNOT good for an introduction to or broad overview of a topicBooks:In-depth information and research on a topicPutting a topic into contextHistorical information on a topic
Peer ReviewedA publication that has gone through an official editorial process that involves review and approval by the author’s peers (experts in the same subject area). Many (but not all) scholarly publications are peer reviewed.*Note: even though a journal is peer reviewed, some types of articles within that journal may not be peer reviewed. These might include editorials or book reviews.**Note: some publications (such as some trade journals) can be peer reviewed but not scholarly. This is not common.See “Scholarly Journals” aboveBooks go through a different editorial process and are not usually considered to be “peer reviewed”. However, they can still be excellent scholarly sources.See above
CredibleA source that can be trusted to contain accurate information that is backed up by evidence or can be verified in other trusted sources. Many types of sources can fall into this category.*Note: The final decision about the appropriateness of a given source for a particular assignment is left to the instructor.See above. Also:NewspapersMagazinesBooksTrade journals or publicationsGovernment websitesWebsites from educational institutions (like universities)Websites or other publications from reputable organizations (like the Mayo Clinic)Encyclopedias (general or subject)Many websites could be considered credible. The more information provided about the source, the more likely they are to be credible. Look for information about the author and/or the organization, how recently it was published, the intended audience, the intended purpose, and whether there is evidence of bias.Basic/general/background information about a topicCurrent eventsLocal newsStatistical dataInformation about specific organizations or companies (look at the organization’s or company’s website, or look for articles in newspapers or trade journals)Government informationInformation about popular cultureOpinions or commentariesTopics of general interest

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Final paper Literary Analysis
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