Figure it out the question (multiple choice)

1. Which of the following types of causation involves seeking out a root cause?


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Figure it out the question (multiple choice)
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b. Proximate


d. Active

2. According to the BEA, (Bureau d’Enequites et Accidents) the probable cause of Air France 4590 was:

a. Inadequate engine management by the flight engineer

b. Loss of control due to an incorrectly installed main gear spacer

c. The tire exploding when hitting foreign debris

d. The pilot’s decision to take off overweight with a tailwind.

3.Mechanics should follow which of the following documents:

a.Aircraft Service Manual from the manufacturer

b.14 CFR 43 from the FAA

c.Quality Assurance Manual from the repair station

d.All of the above

4.Factors outside of the crew’s control which adversely affect safety are known as:

a. Threats



d. Hazardous Attitudes

5. Which of the following organizations is not a US government agency?




d. FAA

6.The FAA’s analysis of multiple data streams best describes:





7.Which of the following uses a “gatekeeper” for crew contact?





8. Which US agency is tasked with investigating transportation accidents?





9. In the aftermath of an incident, the primary goal of a safety program’s investigation should be:

a. Blame all individuals whose actions are categorized as “unsafe acts” or “unsafe supervision”

b. Absolve the company from legal liabilityc.Discover what happened and how to prevent it from happening in the futured. All of the above. 

10. Refer to Figure 2-17. Describe the “bathtub” model of equipment failure. (essay question)

11. Refer to Figure 2-12. Describe the Swiss Cheese model.  (essay question)

12. Describe the SHELL model. (essay question)

13. Describe the 5 Factor model. (essay question)

14. Refer to Figure 4-5. Describe the optimal transcockpit authority gradient. (essay question)

15. Briefly describe the accident and one contributing factor. accident was Aloha Airlines Flight 243 (essay question)

16. Was this contributing factor a latent error of active failure? (related with #15)  (essay question)

 17. Refer to Spanair Flight 5022 in Chapter 6. Identify at least two latent errors that led to this crash. (essay question)

18. Identify at least one active failure that contributed to this accident. (related with #17) (essay question)

19. Explain how these latent errors and active failure(s) interacted to contribute to this accident. (related with # 17) (essay question)

20. If you could implement just one safety program in an aviation company (e.g. LOSA, FDM, ASAP), which would you choose, and why? (essay question)

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