Fermented Food

The addition of fermented food to the diet is becoming increasingly popular as people seek out ways to make their diet healthier. Fermentation is a process undertaken by many different microbes to create energy. Humans are able to take advantage of this process to develop many food and beverage products by including different types of bacteria that go through the process of fermentation. For this unit’s Discussion, you will learn more about fermented foods, and their potential impact on human health.Locate a recipe for a fermented food that you would actually prepare and eat. Share the recipe with the class. Provide an overview of the recipe including the name of the finished food, the recipe ingredients, and preparation steps.A diet comprised of fermented food is touted as beneficial to human health. After researching this topic, list at least 3 benefits to eating fermented foods (remember to include your APA references).Given what you have learned, would you recommend including fermented foods to your friends and family? Why or why not?


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